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July 2009

Mark ,

I am happy to say that I have fully embraced combat flying with my Panther that I purchased from you guys about a year ago.

It flys extremely well for this sport and I have cut more than a few ribbons (since I am a beginner I owe alot to this incredible plane).

The amazing thing is that in one event I collided with two other planes that went down and I kept flying with one little cut on my wing tip. One recent event I collided hard with a "battle axe" and he went "went down in flames" so to speak and I have a little abrasion on my covering close to my engines mounts that was it.

This plane is so stable that one event I lost sight of it becasue I got sweaty suncreen in my eyes. I recovered after I finally spotted it emerging from the ground hundreds of yards away. This was like 20 or thirty seconds.(I let go of the stick and finally decided to pull back on the stick and thats when it came into view from below the unmowed high weed hundreds of yards away.

Scott Thompson
Forest Park, IL

Scott Thompson's Panther
Scott Thompson's Panther
Scott Thompson's Panther

December 2007

Hi guys,

Just a quick note to say that once again, Tufflight models truly have to be seen in order to appreciate just how "Tuff" they are. Our field has a man made bayou running through it, and occasionally, a model will crash into this waterway. I was flying my Panther in one of our many combat rounds today when a flat bat SPAD and I had a spectacular mid-air. His model was completely destroyed, with my engine mount doing its job by breaking off after the impact with his wing. The Panther then flopped into the bayou. Expecting the worse, we walked over to the bayou, and there was the Panther, floating upright. While still floating, I tried the radio, and it worked! We recovered the Panther, I reattached the engine, and in fifteen minutes, was flying the next combat round. Tufflight Panthers are not only tuff, they’re waterproof!!! Happy Holidays!

Regards, Mike McGraw
Pasadena, Texas

Stephen Dunlap's Predator X

So I took my newly assembled Predator X to the field and after 2 warm up flights the club smart aleck said "I've got some ribbons, tie one on!". So he and his spad, my step-son and his Battle Floyd and me and my Pred. X took off. The spad didn't touch me and the Floyd is in many pieces now. I can't even tell (on the Pred) where I hit him with my plane but he's toast. (I ordered him a new one) So a major test on my third flight! I think it's going to be a long season for my competitors. I only hope they don't get they're Pred's until after I clinch the season. This plane fly's very easy and is quite intimidating to see in the sky. By the way, I held the gas tank to launch it, what do you guys hold on to? Careful now.

Here's the pics I promised of my Predator X and my Terminator. You may note the battery location on both of them. I'm using O.S. 46 FX on both of them and needed the weight at the rear to balance them. It seems to work good. J.R. 537 servos and electronics complete the package. I'll be hiding the Terminator wires in the wing before combat season starts. I think the combat community of Mendocino county in northern California is in for a long season!

Thank you for the neat concepts,
Stephen Dunlap.
Fort Bragg, CA

P.S. You may use these on your website.

Stephen Dunlap's Predator X and Terminator
Stephen Dunlap's Predator X and Panther
Stephen Dunlap's Predator X and Panther


I received my Predator X on Wed. can't start construction until I expand my shop a little. The kit looks great and with the new main spar the Predator X should be indestructible. When I opened the box the first thing looked for was the instruction sheet. What I found was a 47 page book with 292 photographs with written descriptions of every phase of construction along with 21 drawings ,illustrations and templates. The book also contains complete descriptions from years of experience on how to cure some of the most difficult R/C airplane motor and flying problems. For an airplane with only 48 parts including every nut bolt and screw, the instruction book is the most complete I have ever encountered. The instruction book alone is worth the price of the kit.

Earl Nester
Baltimore, Md
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