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the Bouncer Bipe

Our friend Steve P. took one of our Bouncer kits, and with some extra parts and ingenuity came up with a great flying biplane. We're happy to offer a Bouncer Bipe supplemental kit for those who simply must have one.

The Bipe garnered attention at the 2013 WRAM show for its good looks and innovative design. It's a great flyer for those wanting something different, durable yet still easy to fly all the usual aerobatics plus 3D of course.

  • Wingspan: 40"
  • Length: 44"
  • Weight: 44 oz w/ 2650 4S lipo
  • Battery: 3S 2200mAH to 4S 2650 mAH lipo
  • Motor: 400-600 W
  • Radio: 4 channels
  • Wing Area: 800 sq in
Mark and Bouncer Bipe #2


The Debut of Mark's newest creation-- The "Big Bouncer" generated much attention at the 2012 WRAM show. It features all the excellent qualities of its little brother, only "SUPER SIZED!"

  • Big and Slow-- excellent for small field outdoor fun
  • Folding Fuselage quickly collapses to fit in the car
  • Ingenious durable forgiving motor mount
  • Clever durable off road landing gear
  • Zero knife edge coupling
  • Very easy to fly - Sport or 3D
  • Wingspan: 55"
  • Length: 58"
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs w/ 4S 3300 mAH lipo
  • Motor: ~800W 800 KV motor and 80A ESC
  • Radio: 4 channels
  • Wing Area: 831 sq in
Mark's new Big Bouncer prototype

Available Now!

Easy to fit into the car this way!

The Bouncer has met with wide acclaim. Flyers nationwide are praising it's good flying traits and 3D prowess.


Inspired by several popular EPP "profile" schoolyard 3D flyers over the years, the Bouncer improves on flight and durability issues in several key areas:

  • Ingenious durable forgiving motor mount
  • Clever durable yet lightweight off road landing gear
  • Zero knife edge coupling
  • Big enough for outdoor fun, yet small enough to fit in the car
  • Accepts popular 1200 to 2200 3S Lipo packs
  • Wingspan: 40"
  • Length: 44"
  • Weight: 24 oz w/ 1250 3S lipo
  • Motor: Himax HC3510-1100 Outrunner or 250 W equivalent
  • Radio: 4 channels
  • Wing Area: 429 sq in

See Here for Video!
Mark's new Bouncer prototype
Mark's new Bouncer profile prototype Mark's 1000 mile stare as Joe hovers with 'Spaz Cap' buzzing around his head

Following the lightweight low energy traits engineered into our popular Stingray, the Manta combines more forgiving control characteristics with great slow speed handling to make it the perfect practice plane for beginning to intermediate flyers. Having slightly more wing area than the Stingray and simplified construction with the same user friendly power system, the Manta allows a novice excellent durability taking the fear out of low altitude flying sessions.

  • Wingspan : 38"
  • Flying weight : 10 oz
  • Motor Thrust : 10.2 oz
  • EPP Electric Ducted Fan Design
  • Fast 2 hour assembly time
  • Decorate as you like

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