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Great videos you can view online!

Here is the complete index of our videos you can download and watch on your computer:

The Bouncer -- Fall 2010

Tiger EDF Durability -- Fly, Crash, Fly, Crash, Fly -- March 2010

Tiger snap to crash on board video #2 -- March 2010

Tiger on board video #1 -- March 2010

On board video ground shots -- March 2010

Mark's first Tiger prototype -- March 2010

Joe's first Tiger EDF prototype -- April 2009

Tuf Yak Montage -- December 2008

Tuf Yak Montage (56 MB large higher quality) -- December 2008

Short Demo showing Tuf Yak great handling and aerobatics -- July 2008

Tuf Yak break away demo (YouTube) -- October 2007

Joe's 4D antics with tailcam (20MB) -- August 2006

The TufFlight Stingray -- March 2006

The TufFlight Tailcam Setup (38MB) -- February 2006

Take a Ride with a 4D Lite -- In Flight Video! -- January 2006

Flying Inside with a 4D Lite -- In Flight Video! -- January 2006

The 4D-Lite -- April 2005

4D Lite fun in the backyard with family cat -- March 2005

First flights of the "Double D" -- New Year's Day 2005

Tail mods "research" for Fast flying AND 3D -- November 2004

Steve S. flying his 4D -- September 2004

Proof that 4D crashing is fun! -- July 2004

Funny crashes with the 4D on skis -- February 2004

Winter 3D flying with the 4D - December 2003

Longer 4D Flight demo with skis - December 2003

Our Spectacular 4D

Winter Antics of 2001 -- The Amazing Enduro on Skis

Predator and Predator X crash tests -- How durable are they?

Our first video of the amazing "Rotolanding"

The Titan Trainer prototype crash test videos

These video links are also visible within the individual product pages.
They appear here for easier perusal.

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