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June 2010

Hey guys whats up, Just wanted to drop ya a line and tell you that I FINALLY got around to flyin' my TuffYak last night for the 1st time. Got 2 tanks worth of flying on it and it was nice! I really like how this thing flys. Josh flew it as well and it was a bitter sweet thing for him though. He liked it but now knows he needs to get his built...LOL. Pretty stable in a hover, nice axial rolls and just floats around when needed. The Saito 82 is a great match for this thing, plenty of power to spare. It's my new favorite plane.

Well worth the efforts, just took too long to reap the benefits (my Bad, too many irons in the fire). Anyway nice job fellows! If anyone is pondering on trying one of these, don't hesitate, they do fly well and you won't be disappointed.

Keep up the good work guys

March 2009

hi mark and joe,

i finally got the tufyak finished. i've got about 10 flights on it, two big thumbs up. you guys have made a great airframe. it flys like any balsa ship i've owned. i must have done something right on the build cause it didnt need any trim, which is a first ever for me with any kit or arf. i'll say that its flying caracteristics(sp) are just like the chinn-yak, which is one of the reasons i purchased the kit.

on the first day out, i was really comfortable with it within the first minute of the first flight. the third flight i was practicing inverted harriers low, which i'm still not comfy doing, but you gotta practice it to learn. it started going in a direction that i wasnt wanting, and i over corrected with both sticks the wrong way, it plowed into the runway pretty hard, heard the loud "crunch" when it hit. i got that feeling that everyone gets, 'man i'm gonna have to rebuild it already', grabed it and checked it out, all it needed was 2 fuse bolts!. in less than 2 minutes i was tearing it up again, i wasnt intending on testing out the durability so soon, but it definetly lives up to the 'tufflight' standard.

guys, thanks again for such a great slab. i know i'm going to get way more life out of this one than most of my other planes.

Matt Norbeck
probro bajajrider
Sacramento, CA

February 2009

Joe and Mark,

Here are the 95% finished results (just needs the Rx & Battery put in it).

Here is what I chose to use on my Yak:

  • (5) Hitec 225 MG Servos (Internal Throttle Servo)
  • 6 Volt AAA Pack
  • 700 JR Rx
  • Saito .82 w/ 13x6 Scimatar & 2 1/2" Spinner
  • Ultracote Covering (Fire Red, Carbon Fiber, Silver Metalic and White)
  • Vinyl for Graphics

Cant wait to get this thing out!

Enjoy and thanks again guys!

Gregg Elko
Sidney, OH

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