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Hybrid Technology--
TufFlight takes 3D Profile design to a new level:

Inspired by popular profile designs flown by members of The Profile Brotherhood, we've adapted technologies and building techniques from several disciplines to create a new breed of flying excellence PLUS crashability:

The Tuf-Yak

A lightweight balsa sheeted foam core fuselage is stiff and precise for a plane that looks and flys remarkably like the best of the latest profile designs. In typical TufFlight fashion, we've incorporated forgiving features that shrug off common mishaps and let you keep flying with minimal repairs-- if any, during an exciting day of 3D fun. Let's take a closer look:

  • Wingspan: 46"
  • Length: 50"
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs
  • Engine: .40 - .53 two stroke,
    .63-.82 four stroke
  • Radio: 4 channels
  • Wing Area: 670 sq in
Joe's prototype Tuf-Yak
Tuf Yak Basic kit:

  • durable EPP wings and tail feathers
  • lightweight foam fuselage w/ balsa sheeting
  • durable plastic engine mount
  • pre-shaped durable control horns
  • genuine Graph Tech carbon landing gear
  • quality foam balsa and ply construction
  • Robart hinge points
  • roll of hinge tape
  • full size plans
  • 48 page instruction manual (EVERY step illustrated with "check this box" ease of construction)
Added items in Deluxe kits:

  • engine mounting hardware
  • 3" diameter lite wheels
  • 8 oz. Hayes fuel tank
  • DuBro fuel tubing
  • push rods and clevises
Deluxe kit 2 stroke option:
  • 2 Master Airscrew 11 x 4 props
  • Fox lightweight spinner nut
Deluxe kit 4 stroke options:
Your choice of prop:
  • 2 Master Airscrew 13x5 K series props (best for YS .63)
  • 2 Master Airscrew 13x6 Scimitar props (great for Saito .72/.82)

Items needed to complete:


  • engine
  • 600 mAH battery
  • 5 servos :
    (2 ailerons, throttle, rudder, elevator)
    standard servos are fine. Metal gears on THROTTLE best for hard nose down crashes.
  • 2 or 3 rolls UltraCote covering
  • 3M-77 Spray adhesive
  • CA, foam safe and regular
  • Polyurethane glue (Gorilla Glue or "Pro Bond")
  • masking tape

See Here for Video!

Click to download COLOR PDF instruction manual

Customer feedback for the Tuf Yak

Tuf Yak Standard Kit: $159 + S&H
Tuf Yak Deluxe Kit for 2 stroke engines:

$150 + S&H

(suitable for all .46 - .53 two stroke engines)
Tuf Yak Deluxe Kit
with 13x6 Scimitar props
$150 + S&H

(suitable for Saito .72/.82)
Tuf Yak Deluxe Kit
with 13x5 props
$150 + S&H

(suitable for YS .63)
Tuf Yak Servo Pack: $99
  • 4 Hitec HS 475 HB Karbonite servos
  • 1 Hitec HS 85 MG throttle servo

Joe's prototype Tuf-Yak Joe's prototype Tuf-Yak Joe's prototype Tuf-Yak
Tank and motor mount are attached with sacrificial nylon bolts Tank is soft mounted to withstand vibration in traditional "profile" way In a hard nose down crash, the nylon bolts shear and the durable white plastic motor mount separates, minimizing damage
Joe's prototype Tuf-Yak Joe's prototype Tuf-Yak Joe's prototype Tuf-Yak
Here's a first for profile fans-- look closely at the "weak spot" behind the canopy and wing (the achilles heel for most profiles) We say, "Go ahead, break away!" 4 sacrificial nylon bolts hold the tail together. Servo leads connect through extensions as shown. You can hardly see the split, and the fuselage is kept light because you don't need all that weight to reinforce it!
Joe's prototype Tuf-Yak Joe's prototype Tuf-Yak Joe's prototype Tuf-Yak
Wings, ailerons and moving tail parts are EPP! Look close to see the built up balsa stab vs the EPP elevators. It's hard to tell, isn't it? But you'll know it when you do those tail touches-- EPP bounces where balsa won't. Here you can see light shining through the built up balsa vertical stab. The solid EPP rudder has some balsa at the LE only. Ultracote covering makes the EPP stiff enough for flying, but soft enough for bounceing. Lightweight quality carbon landing gear is supplied. The Gear is attached with a sacrificial nylon bolt and forgiving rubber bands so you won't break them.

Bolt your favorite motor to the front, and you'll have a plane that does it all, and looks great doing it! The perfect combinations of stiffness, flexibility and lightness. The Tuf-Yak has "got it where it counts!"

Copyright 2008 TufFlight