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Mark and Joe:

I purchased your Titan at the WRAM show in White Plains in February, and have been flying it for the last few months. I just want to say, WOW this is great plane. I am a advanced beginner, and have been getting a lot of valuable stick time on the plane. My learning has certainly progressed with this plane, and I have even crashed. I put the plane in a spiral dive where I could not recover and it hit the ground real hard. In fact the plane hit a lot harder into the ground than in your video. Anyway, when I got to the plane, the nylon bolts that hold the engine mount broke off, and the engine had broken its exhaust stack connecting the muffler, however, the plane did not have hardly a scratch. Any balsa airplane that hit the ground this hard would have been a TOTAL loss, but not the Titan. As you can understand I am one very happy customer.

I have assembled the Titan with the removable wing option, and have flown the plane without the wing tips. I usually fly this way when it's a windy day. The large wing span during windy days makes landing difficult, while I have found out that it is not as difficult with the wing tips off. I have had great success in flying without the wing tips, and thought I would pass this on to you.

I also would like to ask what would be the next plane that I would purchase after I become a accomplished pilot with the Titan....of course by Tufflight. I am afraid that your other planes would be too fast, and not ready for my skill level yet. Do you have a intermediate plane on the drawing board? I hope that you do.

When you look at other foam planes on the market I'm sure you know that they are made of brittle Styrofoam, while you do use a more resilient material material. If you made other models other than combat, I'm sure you would sell quite a few!

Keith T. Kwietniak

12/10/03 Titan on table

Mark and Joe,

I received my Titan Deluxe kit on the 13th of November of this year. I had it flying by the next weekend. My flight instructors were very leery of this plane.

But this last weekend (12/08/03) several things hapened to bring them about. I let an old pilot fly the Titan. On takeoff, a gust of crosswind turned the plane on to a knife edge and he over corrected, and did a beautiful cartwheel down the runway (at least 3 flips). All of the nay sayers thought the Titan was finished. I checked the carb for dirt, cranked the engine and told the pilot to resume the flight. You should have heard the noise from the spectators when it flew.

Titan on table

Later in the afternoon, I let one fo the instructors fly the Titan, good takeoff, the engine died after about a minute later. He did not believe the Titan would glide in for a normal landing, so he came back across the runway, was tentative on turning down the runway, so he rammed it into a 2x4 wooden fence. I almost had to force him to continue the flight. He had a complete overhaul of his opinion about the Titan.

He is a combat pilot, so I took the liberty of printing out all of your plane descriptions and your how to order page. I think I may have gotten you a few sales.

Titan on table

Keep flying,
James E. Swofford
Kissimmee, FL

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