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  • Wingspan: 30"
  • Length: 44"
  • Wing Area: 243 sq in
  • Flying Weight: ~3 lb.
    (depending on power system)
  • Fan Size: 70 mm
  • Radio: 4 channels (optional rudder)
  • Servos: 2 or 3

Tiger Basic kit:

  • durable vacuum formed nose
  • CNC precision cut EPP fuselage
  • CNC precision cut foam wings
  • laser cut plastic parts
  • balsa tail fins
  • durable laminating film
  • hardware included
  • 56 page instruction manual
    (EVERY step illustrated with "check this box" ease of construction)

Download COLOR PDF instruction manual

Optional accessories:

  • (2) Hitec HS 85 MG Servos
  • (1) Hitec HS 125 MG Servo

Items needed to complete:

  • 70mm fan power system
  • 4 Ch RX
  • 3000 - 3700 mAH 4S lipo battery

The production prototype was clocked at 90 mph with EFlite Delta V15 Fan, BL15 3200Kv Motor and 4S 3200mAh 30C Li-Po battery (stock "Habu" setup) at 3lb overall weight.

Tiger crossing contrails

We offer the TufFlight Tiger for the advanced flyer who is proficient in basic aerobatics wanting a sleek, fast, fun and care free EDF that looks good and will STAY LOOKING GOOD with minimal maintenance.

  • "Break away" nose forgives bad launches and mishaps which crunch more fragile "styro" EDFs. Revolutionary nose design mounts with magnets and survives crashes. The sleek nose remains "pointy" unlike every other "foamie" EDF after that first bad landing.

  • Fast: Thin, light, efficient laminated durable wing breaks away for your crashing pleasure. Replace one nylon bolt and you're back in action. Low drag design gives great performance on 700W and allows greater speeds with higher power systems.

  • Taileron Control for simple and effective operation. Keeps the wing clean and the weight down.

  • Hand launchable: Fuselage is large enough for any 70mm fan, but small enough to grab for an easy underhand launch. The Tiger is an excellent EDF trainer for learning how to throw and control the plane during those critical initial seconds of each flight.

Design goals achieve high speed, great looks and durability worthy of the TufFlight name.

See Here for Videos!

Tiger Standard Kit:
$139 + S&H

Two HS85 MG Servos

HS 125 MG Servo

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