Simple and tough -- the Terminator gets high marks :

February 2008


I have been flying My Terminator and have added a new OS-Max46AX WOW this plane fly,s Fantastic and talk about fast. You got it write when you say versatile. You can also fly slow and easy.I like to get a bit crazy when I fly. And not having to worry about destroying my plane is great.I got a little bit crazy this weekend and crashed through a tree. 50 feet up it took 15 min to repair The Plane and I am good to go and you can't even see where the plane was repaired.These Planes are unstoppable.

THANKS TufFlight
John from Kent Washington

January 2008

Hi I just Finished my Terminator. I Must Say it is a very well put together kit the plan's Were easy to follow and I am very pleased with this Fantastic Air Plane.

Kent, Washington

The Kline's Terminator Top

Hey guys!

Your website has some photos of various planes that people have completed. Well... I just put some finishing touches on my Terminator and would like to send you a couple pics. The bottom was my wifes idea, we love it.

Richard and Aldona Kline
Houston, Texas.

The Kline's Terminator Bottom

Dear Tufflight:

Just wanted to drop you a line about your Terminator, which I just built and flew for the first time today.

I followed your directions on control surface travel and CG precisely. At the flying field, the first few takeoff attempts resulted in "flights" of no longer then 1 - 3 seconds. (I've "rekitted" many a plane by this time.) Finally, with a combination of slightly more then 1/2 throttle and very slight attitude above horizontal the plane took to the air!! Once airborne a slight decrease in throttle and Hang On! Its manuverability and speed were for me a revelation! What a kick to fly! More amazing is that I was able to go for the ride without planting the airplane.

My flying skills are those of an "eternal beginner". I believe the reason so many of my planes have gotten away from me was because of confusion as to orientation and direction... I have a couple of things learned from this plane which you may find worthy of passing on to other customers:

  1. I found an article called "Don't Color Me Gone" by Dr. R. Suding (you can look it up on Google) to be an ENORMOUS help... Dark color on bottom with contrasting light geometric shape (eg. dark blue bottom with 3 orange circles). Light color on top with Starburst pattern (eg. white background with red then blue burst pattern. Now one can tell direction (starburst forms an arrow), and orientation (blue w/ circles is bottom).
  2. 50% control throw is probably enough for the first few flights; otherwise the Terminator is hypersensitive for my skill level.

You have a Great Product, now I have a chance at enjoying it! Sincerely,

Gary Nalavany
Hanover, PA

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