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Do you have an old .40 laying around looking for a new life? The TufFlight Terminator lets you turn that tired old engine into a potent powerplant, because when it's mounted to a 3.5 lb plane -- look out!

Folks around the country are discovering how much fun is possible with a simple flying wing. The Terminator is new, exciting and allows care free flying on a budget. You'll never want to be without one.

Simple, sleek, and highly powered, this plane goes where you point it! Many aerobatic maneuvers can easily be performed. This is the perfect practice plane to fly loops, rolls and low level stunts. The fin/handle is a simple streamlined and very effective vertical stabilizer. There's no rudder to worry about.

The Terminator owes its heritage to our famous Predator, for it too shines as a combat plane. In the hands of a skilled pilot it makes a highly competitive weapon for the emerging "sport combat class," as it turns very well, yet it's fast, lightweight, and durable enough to survive nearly anything it hits.

Build it light, and set it up to fly wild or mild, as you desire. Our instructions show you how.

A plane as tough as it's namesake-- Arnold would be proud, and so will you!

Items included in kit:

  • durable foam wing cores
  • pre-shaped leading edges
  • wing/engine mount internal bracing
  • balsa elevons
  • durable engine mount
  • corplast fin/handle
  • illustrated 24 page instruction manual
Additional items included in Deluxe kit:

  • 4-40 engine mounting hardware (4 bolts and nylock nuts)
  • 8 oz. fuel tank
  • fuel tubing
  • control horns
  • push rods
  • clevises
  • 2 Master Airscrew 11 x 5 propellers
  • spinner nut

Items needed to complete:


  • .40 size engine
  • Elevon mix capable TX or Elevon Mixer and 3 channel RX
    Alternately a "Y" harness and additional servo for dual ailerons with separate elevator
  • aileron extension (used as switch/charging)
  • battery: 270-600 mAH
  • 3 servos
    (1 Throttle, 2 elevons)
  • 3-4 yds Icarex kite fabric covering
    - or - 2 rolls UltraCote covering
    Our new Icarex technique (click for details) gives the toughest airframe possible but Ultracote will give satisfactory results.
    NO other coverings are recommended!
  • 3M-77 Spray adhesive
  • Goop brand adhesive ( household, plumber's, auto, marine varieties all OK)
  • masking tape

Terminator Specs:

  • Wingspan: 56"
  • Weight: 3.5 - 4.0 lbs
  • Rec Engine: .40-.46
  • Radio: 3 channels
  • Wing Area: 756 sq in

Every Bit as tough as our famous Predator, whether you want to combat, or just challenge yourself.

Click here to see customer feedback

Terminator Kit: $66 + S&H

Terminator Deluxe Kit: $75 + S&H

Install the Lost Model Alarm in your Terminator for even more care-free flying.

No Mixing transmitter? Consider using the compact Elevon Mixer for your Terminator to save weight instead of a Y harness and 4th servo for separate aileron/elevator control.

Actual Build Time : 3 Days

  • read instructions on lunch break
  • 3 hours to assemble and glue main airframe (follow with overnight cure)
  • 2 hours to install radio
  • 2 hours to cover
  • 1 hour to balance and install engine

if you're really motivated, combine last 3 steps into a single night, and you'll be airborne in 2 days!

If you're a super slow builder (like me), you'll still have difficulty taking any longer than a week to complete this plane. Any way you look at it, that's not a big investment for a plane you'll love to fly (without fear of crashing) for quite a long time to come.

Copyright 2001 TufFlight