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The Predator X is extreme with its extra long 72 wing span, and that is exactly what you need for that extra edge to grab more streamers!

We spent the Summer and Fall of 2002 perfecting "The X." It now has a super strong wing spar. This baby does the tightest turns you've EVER seen!

New unique features:

  • super strong spar -- no flex in turns, we mean it!
  • big 2" elevons -- roll with authority
  • symmetrical airfoil for super tight inside -and- outside loops
  • sturdy integral "tank handle" -- get a secure grip on this big wing for launch
  • removable large fin -- great yaw stability (with multiple streamers on wing tip)
    removable for ease of storage and repair
  • super clean design -- radio components protected and faired aerodynamically under wing skin--
    no heavy fuselage, or ugly components hanging in the breeze
  • high mounted upright engine -- easy to service, now with generous muffler clearance (Norvel owners love this -- tilt down mufflers or pipes fit fine!)

Famous TufFlight durability gives you unmatched freedom in sport and combat.

Items included in kit:

  • durable foam wing cores
  • all new multi-material spar for unmatched turning performance and durability
  • wing/engine mount internal bracing
  • durable removable corplast fin for ease of storage
  • All New detailed illustrated instruction manual
    (every step documented with "check this box" ease of construction)
    Click for sample of instruction manual
Additional items included in Deluxe kit:

  • 4-40 engine mounting hardware (4 bolts and nylock nuts)
  • 6 oz. fuel tank
  • fuel tubing
  • control horns
  • push rods
  • clevises
  • spinner nut

Items needed to complete:

  • .25 size engine
  • Elevon mix capable TX or Elevon Mixer
    strong elevon servos recommended
    (70-100 oz*in torque)
    Or, use a 5 cell battery with standard servos
  • 4 yds Icarex kite fabric covering
    - or - 2 rolls UltraCote covering
    Our new Icarex technique (click for details) gives the toughest airframe possible but Ultracote will give satisfactory results.
    NO other coverings are recommended!
Adhesives Needed:
  • Elmers Ultimate polyurethane glue (formerly called "Pro-Bond")
  • 3M-77 Spray adhesive
  • CA glue
  • Goop brand adhesive
  • masking tape
  • packing tape

Predator X Specs:

  • Wingspan: 72"
  • Weight: 3.0 - 3.5 lbs
  • Engine: .25-.30
  • Radio: 3 or more channels
  • Wing Area: 866 sq in

Predator X Kit Only $75 + S&H

Predator X Deluxe Kit Only: $95 + S&H

Install the Lost Model Alarm in your Predator X for even more care-free flying.

No mixing transmitter? Consider using the compact Elevon Mixer for your X.

These videos show our Predator X attacking copper and steel poles to test the durability of the new Icarex technique

Copyright 2002 TufFlight