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Predator 'negotiating' overfly area near typical R/C field

Here's what our customers have been saying about the Predator :

April 2007

Dear Mark and Joe,

Just wanted to drop you a line that I had placed 2nd in my first ever combat event at our local flying club, Palos R/C in the Chicago area last Sunday. I had just completed a Predator and it was a blast to fly and compete. I also really enjoyed the build as well. I had another club member maiden her the morning of the event and I had 1 short flight in just before the contest started. With it trimmed out for me and flying at ~1/2 throttle I managed to 'hang' in there round after round.

Thanks again for the fine product.

Best regards,
Bill 'Jaws' Jaworski
La Grange, IL

Tony Alvarez's combat stand

September 2004

Tony Alvarez's combat stand

This is what I came up with for a plane stand. I chose three planes with the thinking of "three in the stand and one in the air."

Please feel free to post this and pass it around.

Tony Alvarez
Carlisle, PA

Tony Alvarez's combat stand
Seb Benedetto's hot

July 2004

Here is a shot of my first predator. I call it the Burn'in In. It's powered by an HP .25 motor and has good performance.

Seb Benedetto
Middletown NJ
Jersey Coast Sport Fliers

Jeremy's awesome Predator with black flames

February 2004

I attached a pic of my Pedator, I'm pretty proud of the way it came out, thought you might like to see.

Jeremy Messier
S. Dartmouth, MA

November 12, 2003 Bill Hempel and his contest winning Predator

Well another year has come and gone. I would like to share with you my story about the 2003 "Dual Over the Desert" event that I flew in a week ago. As you know you sent me a new Predator X for this year's competition, I never built it. Last month I was looking to get it ready for the event and decided I didn't have the time required to get this plane done (X). I decided to go ahead and use the standard Predator that I got from you guys 18 months ago. I did build a Skull Bandit as a back up to the Predator just in case I needed it. Well, the contest came and I felt pretty confidant about being ready for the event. The "B" class was flown on Saturday and I fired up the engine and it ran great! I put a quick test flight on the plane to verify it flew the same as it did a year prior when I flew it in the 2002 event. The plane flew how I remember it, fast, quick-turning and aggressive. The landing was perfect and slow. Well the contest started and I flew the first round and ended up with five cuts! Wow, does this thing fly fast. The rest of the 5 rounds went about the same with the exception of one 20 point round where I lost a prop. My best round consisted of 7 cuts! I ended with over 1900 points winning for the second year in a row flying your old, out-dated plane!

On Sunday, the SSC (slow survivable combat) class was flown. I decided to use the Skull Bandit with my Magnum .15 for power and preserve the Predator for the 2004 contest :-). I did pretty good with this plane but I had a mid-air for the first 3 rounds (mid-air every flight). This plane was about the same speed that everyone else was flying and I had a hard time getting out of people's way. This caused me a great deal of work in between rounds just to get the thing repaired for the next round. Well, after the 3rd. round the Skull Bandit was history! I took a hit right through the wing, I saw it coming but could do little with the plane prior to impact. I pulled the engine off the plane and mounted it to my Predator to finish the last 3 rounds of the event. I did have to add about 5 oz. of weight to make the plane legal. The 4th round was unbelievable, I was again the fastest plane in the air and I found I could again, pick and choose my targets! The mid-airs stopped and I had total control over everyone in the air. I was able to fly defensively to avoid mid-airs and had the speed to catch back up to them and take their streamer. I won the SSC class with the standard version of the Predator, even with a .15 on the plane it is the best thing going! I learned a valuable lesson that day, stick with what works best! The Predator is the BEST! Thank you for your continued support.

  • 1st. Place Open "B"
  • 1st. Place SSC
Bill Hempel
November 17, 2002

Hi Mark and Joe,

Last weekend was the "Duel Over the Desert", this was my first combat contest ever. I am a 4-time Tournament of Champions pilot (TOC) and a 4-time IMAC Unlimited National Champion ('97, '99, '00, 2002) pilot. A lot of people here in the Tucson area have always urged me to fly combat and have some fun and get away from all that serious giant scale stuff for a while. I decided to fly at this event and went to the Hobby Barn and purchased a Predator and started construction. After about a week of building (only an hour a night or so) I had a complete plane and I was ready to fly!

I was now on the fast track learning curve here! I had no idea what was "good" and what was not. In fact I had the plane at the Hobby Barn on Friday afternoon to show it off. While there, a few customers (that were seasoned combat pilots) told me that the Predator was no longer the "IN" plane. I now had an "outdated" plane and I should have purchased a long wing something-rather!

Last Saturday I showed up with my new plane at the contest and test flew it before the event started. The new plane and new OS .25FX screamed! I flew all over the sky! The plane came out at 2.5 lbs. and it was by far the FASTEST plane at the event! When the "Open B" class started I found myself able to catch anyone I picked for a target! This is a very maneuverable plane! It turns on a dime! I out turned anyone and everyone! Little did I know, I was flying against the current National Champion for combat. My Predator had no problems catching and cutting his streamer! The Predator is an Awesome plane and is certainly a "top of the line" combat plane! I saw those other long-wing planes. Yeah, I think they might be an advantage but having the Predator and the maneuverability plus the extra speed I was able to take care of them too.

What really amazes me is the fact that I first test-flew this airplane the morning of the event and had the first engine run during the first round! In fact, this was the first time I have ever flown an open class plane. You really wouldn't have believed how fast this plane was compared to the others. I didn't even know there was a flutter problem with this plane until people started asking me what I did to prevent the problem. Full throttle dives, tight corners, nothing bothered this plane. no flutter at all. The only thing I did was cut lightning holes in it to make it lighter. I kept the servos inboard of the wing to keep the mass centrally located for faster start/stop of rolls.

I didn't even tell you about the mid-air I had in the second round. I ripped right through another plane! Cut it into three separate falling pieces. I couldn't find a mark on my plane until after the event was over and I found a small mark on the bottom of the leading edge where the plane was hit. This plane is really incredible, especially in the strength department.
Bill Hempel and his 3W powered Extra 300

I would like to thank both of you for producing a plane that I was able to WIN with! Yes, I won the Open B class to include beating the US National Champion. I never knew how much fun a contest could be. Flying Giant scale airplanes is a lot of work and takes months of preparations for a contest. Combat flying is a lot of fun. The Predator made it very easy for me to fly combat, it is very stable when you need it to be and it is very aggressive when someone is in front of you. I know that I made several pilots re-think their positions on the Predator's ability as the BEST plane for combat.

Enclosed are a few photos from the event. One picture is of three other pilots looking over the plane and measuring the CG. They were among the non-believers! They just could not get over the speed and maneuverability of my plane. The last picture is of my 2002 TOC plane.

Thank you,
Bill Hempel

ps- I just called the Hobby Barn and they sold-out of all the Predators! :) Expect a call from them soon.

Billy Frost and his cool looking Predator

May 2003


I just wanted to say WOW about your predator! It is my first combat plane and the first time I ever entered a combat event. I won all 3 rounds! Nobody could stay behind me. I even taunted one of the best fliers at our feild by flying level until he got behind me then, HAhAhAhAhHAHA, see ya'.

Thanks for a great product and a great time. I'm hooked!!

Billy Frost
Mobile Alabama

Hi Joe,

Do you currently have a Predator X in stock. I can't wait to try one out.

Last year, my Predator was my primary combat plane all season long. I flew combat at least once a week at three different clubs in Wisconsin. I got in midairs on average of probably twice a meet. Despite this, my Predator still lives and flies great. I have rebuilt it as it has gotten T-boned a few times. Over the course of the year, with the repairs, the plane gained a little weight, but it still flys great and is my absolute favorite plane. Just as advertised, it is my go to plane. If I need something to fly, the Predator is there for me. I have the utmost faith in the plane and have flown it in combat, fun flys, in the heat and humidity of summer, and below zero in the snow in winter. I have another Predator that will be ready for the season, and will be kept light. I'm shooting for 2.5 pounds max with an O.S. 25FX and Ultrathrust muffler. Ooh, that's going to be fun. Thanks again. An incredible product at a great price. Best investment I ever made in combat.

If you have an "X" in stock, I'll send a postal money order if that's ok. You don't need to publicize the above, but if you like, you are more than welcome to. I absolutely love the Predator. I've been selling off my conventional planes so I can fly more combat and mor Predators, and the new "X" Thanks.

-Eric Cayemberg
AMA 552623
RCCA 625-


I recently ordered a predator kit from you. I flew it today for the first time and I was surprised at how stable the plane was. After trying the PVC & plastic cardboard combat planes I was convinced that short coupled planes were "Too much of a handful" to fly. This plane is great! Flys well, it's very stable, and it will fly as tame or as wild as I want. It's already been thoroughly crash tested as it's tempting for me to test my flying skills. Only got a few scratches and broken bolts from my "tests." Thanks again for a fun plane to fly.

Jeff Julian
Salisbury, NC

Whew! Just got home from the Inagural NVRC Open Combat meet! It was a costly affair for everyone involved. My Battle Floyd practically exploded in a midair with a scratch built flying wing. Thanks to proper field setup, all the debris landed hundreds of feet from the pilots and spectators. I finally flew the Predator in the last round and all I can say is WOW... Just wish the engine was running stronger! It apparently was in need of a plug change. Joe Wozniak and I were duking it out until we met at the same point in the air. Superficial damage to the bottom of my wing. Joe's damage was a little more extensive, he had a broken motor mount. I will post some pics later...

Chris Shepherd
Stephens City, VA
Chris Shepherd's Predator

Chris Shepherd is a high ranking pilot in the Radio Control Combat Association (RCCA, www.rccombat.com).

Chris has served the RCCA in several capacities, including President for the year 2001.

See his review of the Predator on the RCCA website: http://www.rccombat.com/sections/workshop/review_predator.htm

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the Predator Kit. Van got it on Friday and I came in 1st in Open Combat on Sunday. The Predator is the airplane of choice for Open Combat. Now I have one also.

Thank You,
Ernie Nikodem
Lockport, NY


It seems that I may have inadvertantly done some advertising for you guys at the Celina, Ohio event yesterday. After the scale event was over I asked if anyone had brought any open ships with them. Two guys brought SPAD Derelicts and we aggreed to put on a little demonstration. A guy with a Pica Corsair Joined in and all 4 of us were off and running. About 2 minutes into it, I bumped the Corsair. I hit him with the vertical stabilizer. It cut the Corsair in two. My Predator pitched up for a second, but was easily recoverable. I chased the two derelicts around until we all ran out of gas. I sustained a small rip in the Stab and a little of the covering holding one elevon ripped. One of the derelicts dead-sticked and didn't make it back to the field and ended up floating down a nearby creek. I felt guilty so I was the one who waded in after it. We were going to stop there but I convinced the guy with the other derelict to refuel and go back up. We mixed it up for about four minutes until I mid-aired him. The Predator went right through the PVC pipe fuselage. It turns out that if hit hard enough pvc pipe splinters and breaks just like balsa :) My Predator did two cart wheels, lost maybe 10 feet of altitude and then recovered. I made one or two low passes to prove I was still flight-worthy but the engine started acting up so I landed. It turns out I had his string wrapped around my prop. The mid-air further ripped my stab. After I landed, I walked out to get my plane. When I turned around, there was already a small crowd forming around my equipment in the pits. I fielded questions and let people "look over" my plane for the next half hour. They kept saying things like I can't believe how hard you hit that other plane, what is this thing made out of? How did it hold together and keep flying, etc etc. I don't really have a point to all of this except that everyone there was as impressed with the plane as I am. It's nice to have a plane that flys and survives as advertised.

Jim Bodnar's slightly modified Predator
Jim Bodnar modified his predator to accommodate his MVVS .26 rear exhaust engine.

Jim has done very well with this plane

Mark and Joe,

I wanted to extend a heartfelt thanks for your great support and a great flying airplane. This past season has been more successful than I could have imagined. Your Predator is everything you said it would be. I didn't start flying open combat until half way through the season, yet at my Predator's debut at the Combat Nationals in July, I had two 440 point rounds. I followed that up with a 340 point round in Minneapolis, Mn, followed by my best performance of the year in Kansas City, Mo where in six rounds I had two 200 point rounds, three 300 point rounds, and a 340 point round. I also won the Class C combat event in Kansas City, using my .26 powered Predator against .40 and .46 sized combat ships. Though I only flew open combat the second half of the season, I was still able to make it to third place in the Open Combat National Points Championship. Also, as a direct result of the great scores I was able to get flying my Predator, I attained my goal of being the overall RC Combat Association National Points Champion for 2000. The best news of all, I'm only on my second Predator, and my first one is repairable. Compare that to the 11 scale combat planes I've gone through this year. Not too bad for 36 rounds of sanctioned combat and about 50 rounds of combat practice. As always, feel free to publish anything I say. You guys have a great product and people deserve to hear about it.

Jim Bodnar
Kettering, Ohio

Jim Bodnar is a high ranking pilot in the Radio Control Combat Association (RCCA, www.rccombat.com).

He earned the title "Overall RC Combat Association National Points Champion for 2000"


The Predator great combat plane. My first flight was a little rough. The plane went straight up about 35 to 40 ft. turned and came straight down an hit the ground full speed. Bent the motor mount and striped a plastic gear in the mini throttle servo. That was my only test flight, after a quick fix I was off to the combat competition at N.V.R.C. in northern Va. At the competition I was involved in 3 midair's, 2 causing damage to the other plane and my plane ended up with out a scratch. I finished first with 1000 points and 5 cuts and avoided getting my streamer cut in all 5 rounds. Again the predator is great.

Earl Nester
Elkridge, MD

Earl Nester's Clipped Wing Predator
Earl "clipped" the wing of his plane after suffering a violent mid-air collision. He trimmed the other wing as well to keep it balanced.

Earl went on to win the contest with this plane!

Mark & Joe

Just want to give an update on how tuff the Predator is. On Sat. I flew it into a tree, it hit so hard the tree cut through the wing in two places to the spar. I could not pull the plane off the tree so I cut it down then cut it off and pulled the limbs through the wing. Patched the holes with packing tape and flew it the rest of the day. Today in Winchester Va.in the first round of combat I had a midair, lost about 5" off the wing tip. Took a hand saw and cut the other end of the wing off and flew it 5 more rounds. Finished in first place with my clipped wing Predator.

The Predator is GREAT!

Earl Nester

PS: First place prize was another Predator kit, Thanks for your support.

Bill Tozer's Predator

Hi Joe,

 Just thought I'd enclose a picture of my Predator with the decals you gave me. I've been flying it every chance I get. I've flown it at a couple of clubs so far. It sure is getting some attention.

Bill Tozer
Binghamton, NY

Hi Joe & Mark,

Yesterday I flew the Predator for the first time at 9 AM - got it trimmed and estimated the max elevator throws. The "Battle for Stillwater" RCCA Combat meet started at 10. There were 11 Open Class pilots. I won with the PREDATOR! The guy who owns one of the local hobby shops was very interested in what I had, as was every one else, especially after they saw it fly. I think you will get some orders. Only one glancing midair and no crashes or hard landings so I did not really test any of the "durability" features but it seems tough as nails. Zagi flying wings (electric) are really popular here and al lot of people are looking for a larger glow powered "tough" plane now that they see how much fun the Zagis are.

Easy Assembly, Flies Great slow and fast.

Well it happened. I was out doing really dumb stuff almost hoping I crashed the predator to see what would happen. Rolling inverted at about 50 feet and pulling up elevator did it. It did not quite finish the loop and met the ground. Nice soft ground, but ground. The engine separated as advertised and the throttle linkage let go as advertised. I spent 15 minutes cleaning the engine and 5 minutes reassembling the Predator! The only thing I did was straighten the engine mounts which had bent a bit and put new nylon bolts in. I flew it tonight and it flies like nothing happened. WOW! Great job guys. I almost feel bad that I do not need to buy another from you because this one is so good and may never break.

Keep up the good work. I am working on more customers for you.

Mark Cater
Eden Prairie, MN

Mark Cater is a high ranking pilot in the Radio Control Combat Association (RCCA, www.rccombat.com)


I have been piddling around trying to learn how to fly for over a year. For awhile I would give it a shot then not try again for a month or two. Today I soloed with my Predator on full throttle. I am so thrilled!!!! My boyfriend gave it the push and off I went. The flight was maybe ten minutes then it was landing time. Landed that plane right on the runway nice and smooth.

As soon as we get the second one done I can start the combat lessons. I have flown quite a bit but never did it alone without a buddy box. Thank you for such a fun and smooth flying little plane.

Jan Stout
Kissimmee, FL

Mike Bohlmann's Predator

Hi Mark,

My name is Mike Bohlmann. My dad and I sat with you and Joe at dinner at the Combat Nationals in Muncie.

I have been flying it for about 3 weeks and I really like it's durability. I have included a picture of it. It has already been involved in 3 midairs and there has been some repair work done to the wing.

Hope you you enjoy, I know I am.

Mike Bohlmann
New London, Wi

PS: The hook has gotten three cuts in the last 2 weeks. Got the idea from Andy Panocillo. He had a hook on his Predator when he attended our meet at the end of July.

Rick Bohlmann's Predator


Built three have one on order and think it's a great plane.

The attachment is a picture of the last plane.

Thanks again......................Rick

Rick Bohlmann
New London, Wi


As soon as I had my first successful launch of the Predator, I knew I owed you guys a thank you e-mail! Despite some rough first attempts, I finally got my Predator flying properly. I could not believe how solid the flight performance was. Inverted flight was astonishingly easy, while fast low level maneuvers soon became the norm. Easy to build, easy to fly, and easy to crash, this is the ultimate R/C airplane for relaxed flying. You're absolutely right about the robustness of this airplane. It has the durability that few, if any, other aircraft can offer. I am certain that a few hours with this plane will make a better pilot out of me. After all, what better way to learn new maneuvers than with the Predator?

I can't thank you enough for this awesome design. I'm sure I will really appreciate when it comes time to whoop some tail in combat. Now, if I could only find an opponent.......

Thanks for everything,

Mujahid Abdulrahim
Gainesville, FL

Mujahid Abdulrahim and his Predator Here is an article which appeared in University of Florida, UF/IFAS News:


Mujahid Abdulrahim, an aeronautics engineering student at the University of Florida, checks the underside of his Tuff Light aircraft, Tuesday-Dec. 13, 2000. After many crashes during takeoffs, the craft finally took to the air and flew over the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences farm fields, one of the few open spaces suitable for model plane flying on the Gainesville campus. (AP photo by Milt Putnam, UF/IFAS)

Hello there,

I just wanted to drop a note to you and express how much fun your Predator is. I just finished mine earlier in the week and over the last couple of afternoons have been flying it and enjoying the heck out of it. It was very easy to assemble even for someone like myself who has never built anything like it. I believe all together ready to go fly it took me three evenings or maybe about 8-10 hours to get together. Which I thought was pretty good considering this was my first attempt. I think it came out pretty good, and let me tell you with the little OS 25fx that I put on it, man what a screamer. All I've done so far is take it out and fly it, no combat yet but it's coming. I have to say that I really enjoy just flying the little thing, it's a blast and fly man it flies beautifully. Better than I'd ever expected it would. I'm sure you'll be seeing an order shortly for a few more of these so that I can get serious about cutting some streamers. Thank you for a great product and I know you folks will be big soon, keep plugging away. Those folks like you who offer a great product at a reasonable price and take care of their customers will always thrive.

Travis Hanson
Sulphur, LA

Pete Rundel and his Predator

Excerpt from R/C Report Magazine, September 2001 issue
TufFlight Predator product review :

"The TufFlight Predator was designed primarily as an Open Class R/C Combat plane, but can easily double as a sport flyer's flying wing.

For those unfamiliar with R/C Combat, the objective is to carry a 30' crepe paper streamer behind your airplane, and then try to cut another pilot's streamer by flying through it, all while trying to protect yours from being cut. This event typically has four to six models in the air ant once, so there's a lot of action going on.

"...If you've flown combat before, you've likely learned that combat is hard on airplanes. The event objective requires several airplanes to get into as small an airspace as possible, to give each pilot ample opportunity to attack and cut another pilot's streamer. What happens is that frequently two planes try to occupy the same airspace at the same time, and that typically spells disaster to one or both models. Fortunately for us combat pilots, TufFlight has already figured this out, and has spent a lot of effort trying to give their customers something of an edge. The result of all that hard work, and the resulting 'edge', is the Predator!

That statement suggests the ruggedness of this design, and for those who fly R/C Combat, and want a better than even chance of surviving round-after-round, there isn't a much more durable combat model available. But for those not interested in chasing streamers, the Predator's resilience is still a worthwhile attribute, since we all make an occasional bad landing. Either way you fly it, though, the Predator is built to take a lot of punishment, and it does its job well."

"...Building takes a bit more than a week of evenings, but if you're proficient at it, I suspect it can be built a lot faster.. But no matter how long it takes, the Predator is worth it. It's tough and durable, it performs well at any speed, and best of all, combat or not, it's a blast to fly. Now that means good value!"

Pete Rundel : monthly columnist : Combat Ribbons
R/C Report Magazine

Hi Joe,

I'm sorry for not getting around to drop you a note earlier but I really want to thank you for making the time to help me with my Predator and especially letting me fly with you and Mark. I cannot tell you how much that meant to me! I do not get out enough to do the things that I really enjoy. Our trip to Syracuse was fantastic and flying with you and Mark, especially on my birthday, made it a trip that I will never forget.

Nick's SU Predator

I've attached a picture of my predator. You guys have done an awesome job designing such a fun and durable airplane. I must admit that it was quite a rush flying, and dog fighting with you and Mark. It was truly a riot. I'm going to have to figure out a better way to attach my streamers next time. They always seemed to "fall off" during combat :-) My kids are still telling everybody how good you and Mark are and how bad you guys "killed" me during combat. I guess I'll just have to practice more.

Nick Angelakos
Sterling Heights, MI

Mark and Joe,

Several weeks back you guys rushed me four planes when I mentioned I wanted to try my hand at RC combat at the UM-Nats in Menomonee Falls, WI. Well, I got my two planes put together-- mostly stock although I added a couple of carbon fiber arrows under the leading edges, and headed down to the contest. The planes performed great. Well, I should say the plane performed great because Predator number one lasted the whole nine rounds of combat with seven to ten planes in the air at a time. The plane survived three major midairs and one or two minor midairs. I'd just slap a new prop on, add some packing tape here and there, put on a new spinner, and off I'd go. The last midair was head on full throttle for both of us. My plane went from full throttle ahead to a dead stop in an instant. Luckily it hit on the outward edge of the wing and forced my plane into the fastest flat spin I've ever seen. It spun all the way to the ground and landed flat! The tank was hanging by the fuel lines, the radio receiver was hanging by the wires, my throttle servo stripped, prop and spinner busted, but the dang thing wouldn't give up for the day. In the 10 minutes or so between rounds my friend Russ and I got that plane back together, checked it over to make sure everything was safe, and flew the last round of combat!! The inspector looked at me and said, "That isn't the same plane that midaired the last round is it?" He couldn't believe it was back on the flightline ready to fly another round. He checked it over and agreed that there was nothing wrong or unsafe and off I went. Thanks for the fun.


Tim Feathers
Wausau R/C Sportsmen

Mic Williams's Predator I finished up the Predator and got a test flight in Friday afternoon. It flew great with very little trim change, very stable and predictable using your recommended settings. I increased elevator throw on Saturday a little to tighten up loops during the combat match, haven't reached snapping out of a loop yet, then I proceeded to win the contest with it. My second ever combat match, each round I became more comfortable flying it. Myself and one other pilot flew Predators at this contest, each of us had midair's with other airplanes and flew right thru them, a small piece of foam missing from one wing was discovered after landing on his Predator. I have two more on the building board, I'm sure you're gonna sell a few more in our town soon. Thanks for the email support.

Mic Williams
Tucson, AZ

Hey guys,

WOW!!! that was an easy plane to put together. I had every thing needed in my garage so i didnt even have to go part shopping. I flew it for the first time this evening.

Boy was it cold out side especially while holding a plane right behind the engine. It proved its durability during the first three launch attempts. After adjusting the controls and moving the engine back it took off right out of my hand. I took it up and trimmed out. I needed all right trim and all up trim. After that it flew fine. I cant wait to combat this thing. Great kit guys and I happen to have an old MDS .40 in my box of parts so you might get a enduro order soon. Plus I have to try that awesome roto landing.

Talk to you guys later and thanks again.

Dave Koerner
Wichita, KS

Thought you might like to see what a REAL Predator looks like.

Don Koelfgen's highly modified Predator
Note the main gear, rudder with steerable tail wheel, Saito 50 4 stroke and 10x6 three blade prop. It flies great and lands like a pussy cat. I do have to say the take offs are a hand full and I am not always certain what direction I will get airborne at. As you can see, it has had it's share of combat and mid-airs. I also have another with a .40 and tuned pipe that does scoot.

Don Koelfgen
SCCMAS San Jose, Ca


Thanks for the fast shipping!

Well, after ordering the new kit, I went into the basement and performed some "surgery". The plane hit the tree trunk square on at full throttle (.40 engine) after a long dive! Luckily, it missed the vitals and just peeled the leading edge of the wing back approx. 7-8 inches, just missing the engine, fuel tank and radio receiver. (It looked worst than it actually was)

The front brace was exposed, but not damaged. With some trusty "goop", I glued everything back into their normal position and topped it off with some strapping tape (3 pieces - 10" long). I then put some patches of covering over the scars. Man, it looked all most new!!!

I took it out today and the .40 OS fired right away and I tossed the plane into the air.......it flew like it was never damaged!!!! AMAZING!

I've owned a gremlin a few years ago and when it crashed (1x, nose into the ground), the brittle styrofoam wing snapped beyond repair.

I love this bird - SUPER TOUGH. The extra Predator I ordered will be my spare.

Thanks guys,
Joe Ballone
Gwinn, MI

David Renninger's Predator Hello Mark

Test flew my first Predator today and it flew perfect right off the board. It required no trim, but had a little too much up elevator so that it would snap. I reduced the travel and that took care of that. Another guy in our club also has one, not finished yet. Looking forward to some combat when his is complete.

How do you get decals for the plane? Plan to fly again tomorrow and will take some pictures and send them to you if you like.

I am the President of the Tri-County Wingsnappers and each month I try to have a topic of interest as part of the meeting. We currently have about 100 members. Since there will be two Predators in the club that the guys can see this may be an interesting topic.

Hope to hear back from you.

David Renninger
Reading, PA

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