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Fly Open B AND SSC !

quickly change engine class in 5 minutes!

Do you wish to try R/C Combat, but don't know if the pace of high performance is for you?

Slow Survivable Combat (SSC) is spreading rapidly across the US because its fun for beginners AND experts.

SSC flyers are not intimidated by high performance rapid technology advances - only plain unmodified cheap engines are allowed. Both OS and Magnum offer good .15 size powerplants legal in SSC.

Also, the lower speeds of SSC mean far less damage due to mid-air collisions. You don't have to build so many planes, and repairs are usually quicker!

Many SSC flyers like how the SSC "combat box" has come closer to the pilots. Power isn't unlimited like other classes, so the action unfolds MUCH CLOSER and LOWER. You don't cover so much sky, and you don't need eagle eyesight. The style that predominates is "good old dogfighting" where you can actually chase your opponent, and not just keep looping in a furball hoping that someone will fly in front of you. Combat flyers of all skill levels are finding renewed interest with SSC.

Flown with an inexpensive (less than $60) .15 size engine on a Master Airscrew 8x3 prop required by SSC rules, our Panther is very maneuverable, and practically indestructible when covered in Icarex.

Fly the Panther with a hot Norvel .25, and you've got a potent state of the art weapon for Open B class.

We supply an additional set of engine mounts so you can swap engines quickly during a contest.

That's right, fly either SSC or OPEN B with The SAME AIRPLANE ! Simply unhook the fuel lines and throttle, unbolt the engine mount and swap in your new engine to change classes in less than 5 minutes! The Center of Gravity (CG) stays perfect because the new motor is set at the correct distance on the mounts for balance.

SSC, Open B, or sport flying, the Panther is sure to be your favorite when friends issue that irresistable challenge.

Items included in kit:

  • durable foam wing cores
  • wing/engine mount internal bracing
  • balsa elevons
  • 2 sets of durable engine mounts
  • removable corplast fin for ease of storage and repair
  • All New detailed illustrated instruction manual
    (every step documented with "check this box" ease of construction)
    Click for sample of instruction manual
Additional items included in Deluxe kit:

  • 4-40 engine mounting hardware
  • 6 oz. fuel tank
  • fuel tubing
  • control horns
  • push rods
  • clevises
  • spinner nut

Panther Specs:

  • Wingspan: 60"
  • Weight: 2.5 - 3 lbs
  • Rec Engine: .15 - .25
  • Radio: 3 channels
  • Wing Area: 700 sq in
Panther Kit: $79 + S&H

Panther Deluxe Kit: $92 + S&H

Install the Lost Model Alarm in your Panther for even more care-free flying.

Items needed to complete:


  • .15 or .25 size engine
  • Elevon mix capable TX or Elevon Mixer
  • aileron extension (used as switch/charging)
  • battery: 270-600 mAH
  • 3 servos (metal gears recommended, but Standards ok)
  • 4 yds Icarex kite fabric covering
    - or - 2 rolls UltraCote covering
    Our new Icarex technique (click for details) gives the toughest airframe possible but Ultracote will give satisfactory results.
Adhesives Needed:
  • Elmers Ultiamte polyurethane glue (formerly called "Pro-Bond")
  • 3M-77 Spray adhesive
  • CA glue
  • Goop brand adhesive
  • masking tape
  • packing tape
See what our customers say about our Panther!

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