Our Mild Mannered Park Jet

September 2013

Joe, Found out at what weight limit the manta will not fly at. Lol Had reinforced wing leading edges as you suggested along with Tail fin reinforced because of turning.

Also used heavy duty tape covering over the wings to protect them From landings.The field I fly at is a field of high weeds and I have to Land in them which does protect the plane from bad landings! The weight I was flying at was about 15 oz it flew pretty well even in the wind.Had to put a large nut on the nose to get the cg correct ,but it Still flew we'll, was not so much concerned with the speed would rather have It slower for learning how to fly!

Flew great on Thursday and Friday then I added a little more reinforcement On the backside and had to add another nut on the nose which put it over 16.3 oz And that was the limit of the thrust on that edf! It was a good lesson to know to see how as you said its a fine balance of weight to Thrust and cg. So now I am removing the tape and weight and have it back down to about 13.3 oz.

Thanks to both you and mark for your wonderful kits I can positively say I have Learned more of flying in the last few weeks then my time in this hobby back in the 80s. Sorry for such long email but I know you would like to get good feed back from your customers,

Thanks again.
Mantua, Ohio

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