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Following the lightweight low energy traits engineered into our popular Stingray, the Manta combines more forgiving control characteristics with great slow speed handling to make it the perfect practice plane for beginning to intermediate flyers. Having slightly more wing area than the Stingray and simplified construction with the same user friendly power system, the Manta allows a novice excellent durability taking the fear out of low altitude flying sessions.

This electric ducted fan is very easy to fly and makes a suitable R/C intermediate trainer, with no propeller to break and relatively slow flight speed.

The Manta is designed around the Himax brushless RTR fan and accepts a wide range of battery sizes. Convenient underwing battery compartment allows ample cooling and quick changes between flights. Innovative removeable fin eases transport and storage.

Items included in kit:

  • Pre-assembled Himax brushless RTR fan unit AND included ESC
  • durable CNC cut EPP foam parts
  • push rods & hardware
  • Detailed illustrated instruction manual
    (every step documented with "check this box" ease of construction)

    Download PDF instruction manual

Items needed to complete:


  • Elevon mix capable TX or Elevon Mixer
  • battery: 3S 800 to 1500 mAH lipo
  • battery connector
  • 2 servos (HS 55 ideal)
  • 4 channel micro RX
    (Spektrum AR6110e ideal)
Adhesives Needed:
  • Quick Grip adhesive (available at Walmart)

Manta Specs:

  • Wingspan : 34"
  • Flying weight : 10 oz
  • Motor Thrust : 10.2 oz
  • EPP Electric Ducted Fan Design
  • Fast 2 hour assembly time
  • Decorate as you like

Manta Kit: $139 + S&H

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