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February 2012

Joe and Mark

How's it's going? Just thought I would drop you a few pics of my Enduro I "Finally" finished up.Here is a brief run down of what I used on mine:

  • Metallic Plum Ultra cote
  • Yellow Ultra Cote
  • Neon Green Ultra Cote
  • White Ultra Cote
  • Red Metallic Vinyl
  • Heavy Duty Du-Bro Control Horns
  • C.Fiber Push Rods
  • 4-40 Hardware
  • A JETT .46 Up Front
  • 11x7 Master Airscrew (
  • 4) Hitec 225 MG (Elevons & Rudder)
  • (1) Hitec 85 MG (Throttle)
  • 10000 Mah 6 Volt NMH
  • Some Polished and Painted Parts
  • Custom Made Motor Mounts (to Raise the Muffler Above the Wing)

Can't wait to do a Roto-Landing (s), Knife Edge Passes and some Climbing spins with this JETT Motor.Thanks again for all the help and support.

Enjoy, see you guys at Toledo !

Now, Git Up There and "Git Ya Sum"

Sidney, OH

August 2009

Mark and Joe,

Just thought I would send you a few pics of my Enduro 40 I test flew last night (8/12/09) at our flying field. I was surprised to see it jump off the ground in about 20 feet and began a steep climb rate! I set the low rates for elevator throw at 3/16" and ailerons at 1/2" and that was a great place to start for the first flight. I flew it 4 times for a total of 45 minutes and each flight I tried more and tighter loops, loops and spins! This thing fly's very smooth and fast even with my O.S.LA 46.

One of my club members (Chesaning Area Model Flying Club- Michigan)Tom said it looks like a fast flying propane tank!

I cut out stars for the top of the wing so it is easier to see in the air and it worked great!

Thanks, for designing a great "flying propane tank"!


Hi Mark and Joe, I wanted to update you guy's on my Enduro 40. I purchased a O.S.AX.46 to re power this rocket ship and now it is really fast! Vertical performance is unlimited and flat spins are crazy fast. I actually have to cut back the throttle when spinning as it will spin in place without descending!

My buddy Tom (propane tank) said that thing is the craziest plane he has ever seen fly!

I still have not spun to the ground yet and I'm still working on my landings as I keep bouncing and bouncing. I am going to try moving my CG back slightly as I can't seem to flair very well. I'm still learning every time I fly it (10 flights) and it has to be the funnest and craziest r/c plane I have ever flown.

Greg P.
Owosso, MI


Hey its Brendon,

Thanks so much for answering all of my questions, I finally got it finished and let me just say it looks AWESOME! It was a blast to build! I started it up and putted around my yard to get used to the controls. To bad I didn't reallize that the elevator was reversed and it flipped over when I went to take off :P . Any how, I managed to take it off in a field across the street and it took a nose dive about 10 seconds after takeoff but was perfectly fine, wow!


Brendon Keeler
Mooresville, NC

Mike McGraw's Enduro


Howdy Mark and Joe,

Just a note to express my great satisfaction with my Enduro. Great knock around model that flies so well and does some really fun "unknown, yet to be named" maneuvers. Takes so much for a truly unique product that lives up to its name, because it really does "endure"! FYI, thatís dark red Ultracote and Gold.

Pictures attached.

Best regards,
Mike McGraw, President
GCBM R/C Models Inc.
Pasadena, TX

Mike McGraw's Enduro

Doug Draper's Enduro


Finished my Enduro Friday of last week ...... maiden flight was Saturday. After tweaking the trim, I had a ball. No one noticed the airplane until I put it in the air ..... then I got a lot of where did you get that?

I am running a stock LA 40 left over from my first trainer ..... I named her "Twinkle Toes". Thanks .... will try roto landing next weekend.

Doug Draper's Enduro

I have attached some pictures of "Twinkle Toes" (named her that because it look like it is all feet/landing gear when she is on the ground).

Doug Draper's Enduro

Thanks again Guys!
Doug Draper
Folsom, CA

Tim Landes Enduro

Bought a Enduro about a year ago and have been flying it regularly ever since. Flat spins, Fast Flight , Slow flight, crazy rolls and loops.. This plane does it all! But I really fell in love with it once it finally snowed enough in Northern Virginia to use the Skis. I can tell you first hand that this plane is absolutely fabulous on snow skis. Buy the Plane, Buy the Ski kit and go out and have yourself a ball!!!!!

Would recommend it to anyone as a fun and unique bird to fly.

Tim Landes Enduro flying

Tim Landes
Northern Virginia


We purchased a Enduro 40 at a show you had at the Civic Center in NY City. I have to tell you that this is the most amazing flying machine. It is indestructible plane that flies like a bird. Once we got her together and did a test flight, of course we crashed but only the propeller and nuts broke. fixed the plane and trimmed it out and it is amazing what this plane or should I say wing can do. I have crashed several times and just like you told us it is built to take a beating. We have 3 radio control helicopters & 4 airplanes but I have to be honest yours is the most fun to fly.

I just wanted to say, nice job. it is everything you told us it would be. We are hoping to come out to you store in Clay to see what other ones you have.

Mary & Chris

Karcher's Enduro on skis

Hi Mark and Joe!

We still have about a foot of snow here in Warren in places, so I was able to chug around the yard with my newly completed Enduro. Your skis work very well with the design set up, Thanks.

The top is yellow and black checkerboard, and the bottom is just yellow.To make a contrast, I sprayed the fin purple! That is to only color other than B&W they had.

I enjoyed talking to you guys at the Wram show. I have a couple of pictures of you and the booth I took from the balcony.If you would like, I will send them to you attached as a jpg. I am looking forward to flying my Titan I just bought at the show.

Keep up the exciting airplane design work!

Karcher Reynolds Warren, CT

Joe & Mark,


I finished my Enduro last night and flew it for the first time today, 23 October. I received the Enduro on 12 October and worked on it when I could, which was not very often. I arrived at the field, did my preflight, started the engine and taxied out. The weather was overcast and the wind was 5 to 10 and gusting to 15. I had no problems taxiing in the wind, unlike past experiences with tail draggers. I had the system on 50% rates, I throttled up and away she went, straight as an arrow with little movement on the sticks due to the gusty wind. I made two basic trips around and landed with only a slight bounce. The maiden flight jitters were immediately gone. I had no reservations to go to 100% rates!! Again, I headed her into the wind, she bounced a little (grass field), and was airborne. After flying around a couple of times I was ready to try some aerobatics. It looped great and I moved on to a roll. Ooops! Dead stick!! I glided her back to the strip, came in hot and went into the tall weeds at the end. It flipped over and threw the tank out. Well I thought the tank came out when it flipped, however, after getting back into the air and trying another roll, I saw the tank eject this time!! Luckily one tube remained attached and I dead sticked again. Even with the tank hanging out I was able to land!! Again I went long, into the weeds and flipped, this time the tank went flying! No problem, the Enduro had received NO DAMAGE!!! I placed a piece of carpet padding between the top of the tank and the fin. This held the tank in place for further flight testing. Iím going to put Velcro on the bottom of the tank and inside the tank well in the wing to hold it in place. What a great day I had flying your Enduro!!! Iíve had three other planes and never felt as confident as I did with the Enduro, even after flying a SIG FourStar 40 for over six months!!!

Thanks again for a wonderful, capable and fun plane to fly!! I will be ordering another one as soon as I get the funds. Another one to experiment with i.e. colors, fin style, etc.

"It may not be pretty, but it looks and flies better than a balsa plane that has performed a gravity check!"

Thank you, thank you, thank you, TufFlight!! If anyone else should read this, BUY AMERICAN, BUY TUFFLIGHT!!

Thanks again,
TSgt Barry Weakley, USAF

Hi Joe!

Thanks guys,for putting out such a good product. I'm a once a month rc pilot, so sometimes my landings are a little rough, but the ENDURO doesn't mind. I must have done at least a dozen somersaults and A few cart wheels. But not a scratch on the ENDURO. I just start the engine and go. I like to spend my time flying, not making repairs. I get the question "what is that plane made of" all the time at my field. I call this the "CRASH AND GO PLANE." Once again great job on the design of this aircraft.
Tony Duarte and his Enduro Two pretty models: Tony Duarte's daughter and his Enduro
I forgot to mention how well the Enduro fly's. This was my first aircraft with elevons,so I was a little nervous before the first flight. I was not too worried because I knew this plane was capable of surviving some crashes. so I pointed the Enduro into the wind cranked up the throttle and up she went. It flew very well, it just needed A couple of clicks down on the elevons to keep the Enduro on level flight. This is my favorite plane to fly now. I'm still trying to get A "flat "spin. I have been trying different C.G. locations by moving the engine on motor mounts. The last time I tried A flat spin it was almost there. The nose was down about 15' angle. so I'm going to move the C.G. to the rear of the wing a little more. Hopefully this will do it . Then I'm attempting to do A "ROTO LANDING" just like you guys did on the video.

Tony Duarte
Rocky Hill, CT

Hi Joe n Mark

I didn't meet you the day I bought the kit when I went to the Amafli address. I found you guys on the net and originally being from North Bay thought I ought to have one your Enduro Kits. Not Disappointed I put an older long stroke 60 OS on it what a blast.

I've got two other club members to buy them so far one of them is almost done. Just thought you would like to know how much fun I'm having. Hopefully we'll get some more of them going soon. And yes they survive a crash very well. If your not crashing once in a while you're not having enough fun.

Dave Bertollini

The Enduro appears in RCM

Jerry Festa reviews our Enduro on page 22 of the May 2002 issue of RC Modeler magazine.

Here's an excerpt :

"Would I recommend this plane to the average sport pilot? Yes, if for no other reason than to have a plane that can sustain a lot of damage and either keep on flying, or be repaired quickly at the field. The cost of the kit is very reasonable and the sight of the Enduro 40 will surely be a topic of discussion at the field. And the very good flying characteristics will make this plane a welcomed addition to your hangar."

just a note to let you know,

I finished my enduro and took it out to try it the very first time yesterday. The aircraft is powered with a Magnum xl 40 and I use Hitec radio gear. I had set the controls as called for in the instructions and also balanced the model as per the instruction book. My youngest son was helping me with the bird and we had a bit of bad luck and lost a wheel while trying to taxi on my field ; it is ruff grass. Finally my son said hey dad lets hand launch it.

Well believe it or not we did and the big bird launched just fine and we got in a good shakedown flight just before dark. The aircraft flew just fine and once I learn to use coordinated turns(need to set up computer radio for them) it will be great . The aircraft turns on a dime and seems to have no bad habits. Landing was a breeze and low speed characteristics were great.

I Have a Degree in Liberal Arts
Do You Want Fries With That

JrMc's Enduro (side view)

JrMc's Enduro (front view)

The following can also be found on Darcy Whyte's web site :
Darcy has a great site (including a search engine), with many accounts of his adventures. He's based in Ontario, Canada.

Darcy Whyte's Enduro Darcy Whyte's Enduro

I flew my Enduro-40 today. What a cool flyer! Easy to fly plus excellent taxi characteristics. It can do a lot of cool stuff. Roto-descents inverted and upright, rolling circles, rolling loops, knife edges, slow rolls, vertical climbs, spins, snaps, you name it. Ran a whole gallon through it.
This airplane is working out very well. I've now logged around 8h on the Enduro. There is no sign of wear.
I have finally bumped it. I was doing some maneuvers very close to the ground in high winds (late yesterday). I flew into some sink and slammed it in. I was on low rates and needed just a little more elevator. There was absolutely no sign of breakage on the plane (except the spinner was smashed and the prop was broken). After an extra minute to look it over and change the propeller, I was back flying.
After examining the Enduro, I am amazed that it has no damage. I would say that crashing on the runway during knife edge would generally either total an airplane or at least blow a week worth of evenings of fixing. I just put 2 new nylon bolts and the plane is as good a new! The manufacturer's claims about tolerating crashes are very fair.

Darcy Whyte's Enduro after crash I just studied the picture that we have of the impact. The engine is about one wingspan to the left of the airplane. It has obviously bounced at least as high as the plane. Too bad the focus isn't that great due to the poor lighting.

Here is a picture of the divot. Notice how far it bounced! After this crash, there was no damage to the aircraft. It just sheard the nylon engine/gear mount bolts.

Darcy Whyte
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Hi Joe:

I finally got my Enduro up in the air last weekend and it looked good. I had a more experienced pilot take it on it's maiden voyage and he said it handles nice. When I got there and took it out of the car, it sure got everybody's attention.

Anyway, I did some adjusting to it last week and took it up myself yesterday and it only lasted one flight. It took a HARD landing and as advertised, all it broke was the prop and one of the nylon engine bolts. I AM IMPRESSED!!!! As a matter of fact, my Enduro is going to be my primary plane from now on. It's like a timex - takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. If anybody wants a referral, give them my email address.

I think you guys got something with this Enduro. It sure has changed my way of thinking about the different types of kits. It's also nice to be able to go to the field and not have to worry about the wind or hard landings. While it will take me a bit to get use to the Enduro, I do feel more comfortable in knowing that it should survive a day of my flying.

Hope ya'll have a good holiday season and you sell 1,000's of these planes.

Vance Van Patten
Saxonburg, PA

Hi Joe:

Don't know if you remember me or not, but I am the pesky beginner/intermediate who bought one of your Enduro's because I got tired of destroying my balsa planes.

Anyway, the last question I asked you about was this thing having a tendency to nose-over on landing and not enough UP throw in the elevator.

Per your suggestion, I extended the wheels out past the LE about 12 feet (LOL) and dialed in more travel on the elevator UP and that seems to have done the trick.

I was out with it today with the guy that taught me to fly in winds of about 30mph and flew it. With the high winds it was interesting to say the least but I was able to control it and land it with none of the problems I was having before. My instructor took it up once and played with it for a while and then had to make 3 passes to get it to land. On landing, some how or another he managed to bounce the thing and it did a complete 360 and landed on its wheels. The really strange thing about his landing is that after the 360 flip the engine was still running. Was funny as hell to have seen the look on his face when he was the engine still running. I told him he should try that with this wood plane. With no sense of adventure, he declined. LOL

Anyway, just wanted you to know that this bounces pretty good and if you bounce it high enough, you can still taxi it back to the pit area. Gonna have to try the roto-landing here pretty soon to see how that compares to the bouncing Enduro.

I don't know how he managed to do the somersault and I don't think he could do it again if his life depended on it, but that thing actually went tail over nose and landed on its wheels perfect. It may have just been that he hit a clump of grass and the wind got it just right to do the somersault but it was the funniest thing. I'm just sorry he and I were the only crazy ones out in the cold and the wind yesterday. I would have loved to have the other pilots (especially the ones that make fun of the Enduro) see that happen. I'll bet that would shut them up. LOL

Anyway, feel free to use any of my comments in their entirety or any portions thereof for your website. I think you guys got something with these planes. Maybe you could consider figuring out how to make a trainer. I know from personal experience that the wood trainers don't handle mistakes real well. And they definately don't like the kind of impacts that beginners put their trainers through. A trainer than can take the abuse that beginners give them would be worth a fortune I would think.

I just wanted to let you guys know that the "roto-landing" isn't the only thing the Enduro is capable of. I love this "plane". My wood planes are all but retired since I got this Enduro.

Take care,

I just want to say a few words about my first Tufflight plane. The Enduro is awesome.

I am a farely low time pilot and the Enduro has survived dozens of straight in encounters with mother earth due to pilot error. I love this bird! I have attached a couple pics.

Harry Mueller's Mad Duc Harry Mueller's Mad Duc

I will be ordering another one soon! Thanks for a great plane.

Harry Mueller
Tulsa, Ok

Just have to let you know...

Bought a Enduro at the New York R/c show last year... Took my buddy and me a year to get it done..... Darn thing flies GREAT!!!!! I almost dropped the radio from laughing too hard when I got it flat spinning....

I'm the only one in my club that has one and no one knows what the heck it is, but they will soon, hopefully I can get you some business.. LOVE THE PLANE !!!!!

Tim Landes,
Pohick Pilots Association
Springfield, Virginia

TexAcoon and his ENDURO Photo of TexAcoon and his ENDURO w/Tiger Shark .46 at the AMA District II MEET & S.T.A.R.S. Airshow -Sept 2002

Hi Joe & Mark!

Just wanted to let you guys know just how much I have enjoyed flying my ENDURO .... " WHAT A BLAST" I plan on buying another from you soon! .. Just a note to the readers who is thinking about purchasing one of your models... THEY ARE A BLAST TO FLY! .. They will do just what Mark and Joe says they can do (and some).. These models are so durable! Just like one watch company would say "THEY CAN TAKE A LICKING AND KEEP ON TICKING" Hell! I even did some combat with you guys during the show... and what a time we had!!!!!

Doug Crawford (TexAcoon)

Peter Seiffert's Enduro

Peter Seiffert and his "Goulds Pumps" inspired Enduro. Photo by Jules Fried

Pete and Jules fly in the STARS club of Phoenix, NY

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