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The TufFlight Enduro is an extremely durable tailless craft, capable of many extreme aerobatics often performed by profile stunt ships.

To our knowledge, it is the only plane to routinely survive repeated flat spins to touchdown on the runway with immediate takeoff capability.  We call this the "roto-landing." (click to see video)

Generous side and rudder areas produce outstanding knife edge moves, spins and ground handling. The wide gear stance is very forgiving, and allows for ground stunts in crosswinds.

Designed to fly great with an "el cheapo" weak .40 engine, it will make you really smile with something even "hotter."

While the Enduro .40 is not a trainer, a flyer who has mastered the flight characteristics of a typical .40 size high wing trainer aircraft may easily upgrade to an Enduro by installing the standard servos and engine already owned, and enjoy performance not possible previously. Learn to fly on a trainer, but graduate to an Enduro for durability to survive "unplanned landings," yet aerobatic capability that will please expert flyers.

Use your transmitter's mixer for elevons, or a 5th servo and "Y" harness for dual ailerons and split elevator control. Also, a strong rudder servo is recommended for increased yaw authority.

TufFlight's Enduro .40 sets a new standard for "no fear" fun flying.

Enduro Basic kit includes:

  • durable foam wing cores
  • pre-shaped leading edges
  • wing/engine mount internal bracing
  • balsa elevons
  • pre-shaped 3/16" heavy duty landing gear
  • durable engine mount
  • corplast fin/handle
  • illustrated 32 page instruction manual
Additional items included in Deluxe kit:

  • 4-40 engine mounting hardware (4 bolts and nylock nuts)
  • two 3" diameter wheels and collars
  • 8 oz. fuel tank
  • fuel tubing
  • control horns
  • push rods
  • clevises
  • 2 Master Airscrew 11 x 5 propellers
  • spinner nut

Items needed to complete:


  • .40 size engine
  • Elevon mix capable TX or Elevon Mixer and 4 channel RX
    Alternately a "Y" harness and additional servo for dual ailerons with separate elevator
  • aileron extension (used as switch/charging)
  • battery: 600 mAH
  • 5 servos
    (2 for rudder in push/pull config,
    1 Throttle, 2 elevons)
  • 2 rolls UltraCote covering (UltraCote is superior to all other coverings for durability and repairability)
  • 3M-77 Spray adhesive
  • Goop brand adhesive ( household, plumber's, auto, marine varieties all OK)
  • Elmers Ultimate Polyurethane glue (formerly called Pro Bond)
  • masking tape

Enduro Specs:

  • Wingspan: 56"
  • Weight: 4.5 - 5.0 lbs
  • Engine: .40
  • Radio: 4 channels
  • Wing Area: 756 sq in
  • Side Area: nominal 200 in sq

Enduro Kit: $79 + S&H

Enduro Deluxe Kit: $91 + S&H

Add the Lost Model Alarm with your Enduro order for even more care-free flying.

No Mixing transmitter? Consider using the compact Elevon Mixer for your Enduro to save weight instead of a Y harness and 6th servo for separate aileron/elevator control.

Look Here for the amazing Enduro "Roto-Landing!".

Is the Enduro too good to be true?
See what our customers have said about the Enduro!

WILD Winter Fun!

Look here to see online videos of our winter escapades, including one 6 foot snowbank that could not get the best of our Enduro airplanes!

Enduro Snow Videos

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