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Combat over Cicero, NY - 7/26/03

Our Third Annual Combat event

Many thanks to Mike Graham of the STARS club in Phoenix, NY who provided all of the photos you see here

Earl Nester who hails from Baltimore readys his Predator X for launch.

Ed Britton of Rochester, NY heads for the action.

Matt Kirsch of Rochester, NY sends his original design skyward.

Joe Chovan throws his Panther into the mix.

Joe Chovan's Panther closes in for an opposing pass

A tangled streamer like this shows what happens after a mid-air collision.

Thanks very much to AMA DII AVP Peter Seiffert and Fran worth of the Stars who came out to help. I think they had a good time. Doug Crawford (foreground) runs the AMA district II web site. District II VP Dave Mathewson made it out as well. Dave came to the Nats last year and he's a great voice for us in Muncie.

Doug Crawford and Dave with some SPAD designs

Matt Kirsh looks on as Doug tends to his plane between rounds.

An Artist's brush helps remove debris after a dirt-nap

Here's the start of another round. Mass launches can be exciting!

Contest Summary:

The field was in great shape and weather cooperated. Wind was in our faces so launches were easy and the furball didn't blow hopelessly away making visibility great. We had lots of spectators, and many were recruited to help judge. As all found, judging is THE BEST place to watch the action!

We flew 5 rounds each of Open B and SSC. Results are below:

Open B Standings

Place PilotCutsPoints
1 Joe Chovan141432
2 Earl Nester61028
3 Matt Kirsch4608
4 Ed Britton3600
5 Mark Mozo5556
6 Doug Crawford0322

SSC Standings

Place PilotPoints
1 Joe Chovan860
2 Matt Kirsch420
2 Mark Mozo420
3 Ed Britton352

Thanks to everyone who helped to make our event fun. Hope to see ya'll next year!

Our Field is easy to find in Central New York. It's 5 minutes north of Syracuse less than 1 minute from the Rt 81 -> Rt 31 exit
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