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Combat over Cicero, NY - 7/27/02

Our Second Annual Combat event

Many thanks to Mike Rotherforth who provided most of the photos you see here

Earl Nester and his lovely wife Joyce enjoy lunch on Earl's unique combat dinette set.
The Nesters came all the way from Baltimore to show us how combat is flown! Earl is a very accomplished competitor and friendly guy -- even though he's originally from Texas!

The "Boys from Rochester" are ready to scramble. Matt Kirsch awaits the ready signal. Jim Warner will be his judge for this round, and Ed Britton looks on.

Ed Britton readys his plane for starting during practice.

Ed comes in low, looking for an unwary target.

George Hartman is ready to go and Chuck Hanzel will judge for him. Many pilots were recruited for judging, as most spectators (who were able to judge) came in the afternoon.

George Hartman has found a target, and closes in for the kill!

Between heats, everyone checks their planes and finds their judges. Pete Seiffert (far right) of the STARS club in Phoenix, NY came again this year to help run the contest and watch the fun.

Chuck Hanzel launches his Predator.

Joe Chovan launches his Predator X

Contest Summary:

It was a very nice day with a bright rain free sky, slightly humid, but not oppressive. Engines ran well.

This year, we had brush-hogged a huge area under the combat zone, so any downed planes were retrieved very quickly compared with last year's experience. We had many positive comments on this, so we think we have a great spot for next year's event as well.


Place PilotPoints
1 Joe Chovan1340
2 George Hartman1140
3 Earl Nester1112
4 Ed Britton940
5 Mark Mozo878
6 Matt Kirsch856
7 Mike Rotherforth780
8 Bill Birkett736
9 Chuck Hanzel612
10 Ernie Nikodem604
11 Jim Warner580
12 Steve Scicchitano308
13 Terry Dwyer80

Thanks to everyone who made our event a success. It's great to see the friends we've made over the past few years in our area, and also new friends who travel far and wide to join the fun. The world gets a little bit smaller each time.

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