Care free Sport or Precision 3D, the Bouncer is Fun

June 2013

Thanks Joe,

MY son had a Bouncer and it flew great. He took it to the coast and a big cedar tree grabbed it. Stayed up there for almost a year until a storm blew it down. He checked everything out and only one servo and the battery needed replaced. After some repair to one wing he has it flying again. You really do make a TUFF plane! Thanks for the good work and good value for the money!

Best Regards,
Dave Varley
Sims, NC

April 2013

David Surace's Bouncer Bipe. His artwork is hand drawn!

Dave hails from Hawthorne, NJ.

March 2013

Tommy Shuler's new Bouncer. He uses "Surgical Tubing" (1/2") cut in small pieces for the motor mount.

February 2013

Thanks guys!

My friend Allen Martin and I love these things -- We've learned every bit of 3D we know with our first Bouncers. Can't wait to build my second one and treat her right. Flies like a dream!

Thanks again,

ps. Check out my first bouncer in the attached pic ;)

October 2012

Here is Kevin Jones's Bouncer. Kevin flies with the Oneida Lake Flyers of Constantia, NY.

Kevin says his Bouncer flies great and he's learned a lot about 3D flying it.

Okay Joe, here's your customer testimonial...

This is the toughest plane in RC. I lost it in a 20mph wind flying where I shouldn't. It went into the ground in a full power dive, impacting so hard the motor and mount was thrown 10 yards away. The motor shaft was driven backwards 8mm into the can. Everything forward of the cockpit was severed and put into 6 major pieces.

24 hours later, with some quick grip, heavy duty splints, and a carbon fiber spar in the middle, we are back to flying 3D. Pretty sure there's nothing else short of a Big Bouncer that survive like this one. Can't wait for the next airframe to show up!

Allen Martin
Katy, TX

September 2012

Hi Joe, et al at tufflight,

I finished the Bouncer and flew it today.

It is truely a dream flyer, so light and can fly oh so slow.

I love planes that can kife edge, and this one can do it all day long, and with no mixing!

Enclosed are a few pics (made smaller for emailing).

Thanks for a great design,
Tully, NY

April 2012

A sharp looking Bouncer airframe underway from Larry Lochey in Manchester, MI.

Larry caught us at the Toledo Expo and gave us a snapshot of his great high visibility scheme.

February 2012

Hi Joe,

I thought i would send you an email thanking you for another fantastic product.

I just love the Bouncer it does all that you said it would. Only one of my friends has flown it so far due to me being a former Heli flyer and flying mode 2, but he loved it so much he wanted mine, unfortunately i'm way to busy to be building another one at present so he will just have to wait if he's too lazy to build his own.

The deluxe motor options produces smooth and powerful flying on 1400 35c Lipos, I did end up putting in metal gear servos on the alerions cuz i stripped one of the HB's somehow.

Thanks Again
MIchael Dwyer,
Melbourne AU

January 2011

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the awesome planes. I finally got around to building them this month. I had some problems with the 4d lite [my fault]. But I test flew the Bouncer this weekend and had a blast. I think it's more fun than the PA Addiction I got this winter, and quite a bit cheaper. I'll be ordering another. Keep up the good work.

Lucan, Ontario

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