Bouncer Features

Unmatched Precision and Durability

EPP bounceability with high performance profile design pedigree

The TufFlight Bouncer flies over the swamps and beavers of Cicero, NY

This one was worth waiting for. Extra long tail means very stable in hovering maneuvers with precise authority on all control axes.

Generous side area and contoured fuselage makes knife edge (KE) work silky smooth.

Large size means breezy days won't ground you. Big enough to fly well, yet small enough to fit in the car in one piece.

A true convenient and fun to fly at a moment's notice airplane.

top view

Very large ailerons give great roll control.

Fiberglass spars in all the right places make it stiff where you want it for precision, yet flexible on the extremeties for great surviveability.

bottom view

New landing gear design :
Pivoting and strong make nearly any terrain fun to "drive" between flights.

Shock absorbing rubber bands remove quickly allowing gear to fold back for ease of transport and storage.

front view

New motor mount design:
Durable plastic mount is held in place with rubber bands (or O rings) preventing hard nose down crashes from breaking your motor.

rear view

Large tail control surfaces give excellent yaw and pitch authority for flipping moves like waterfalls and pinwheels.

Durable tailwheel mount forgives tail down first abuse.

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