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Outdoor Sport / 3D Park Aerobat

  • Ingenious durable forgiving motor mount
  • Clever durable yet lightweight off road landing gear
  • Zero knife edge coupling
  • Big enough for outdoor fun, yet small enough to fit in the car
  • Accepts popular 1200 to 2200 3S Lipo packs
  • Wingspan: 40"
  • Length: 44"
  • Weight: 24 oz w/ 1250 mAH 3S lipo
  • Motor: Himax HC3510-1100 Outrunner or 250 W equivalent
  • Radio: 4 channels
  • Wing Area: 429 sq in

See Here for Video!

Bouncer Basic kit:

  • CNC precision cut EPP wings and fuselage
  • durable yet lightweight landing gear and wheels
  • hardware included
  • 32 page instruction manual
    (EVERY step illustrated with "check this box" ease of construction)

Download COLOR PDF instruction manual

Accessory Options:
  • (4) Hitec HS 65 Servos (undeniably THE BEST)

  • (1) Castle Creations Thunderbird 36 ESC

  • (1) Himax HC3510-1100 Outrunner Motor

  • (2) APC props (good performance / longevity pre-drilled but may need balancing)

  • (2) GWS Direct Drive 11x7 props (lightweight VERY GOOD performance, must be drilled for 6mm shaft)

Items needed to complete:

  • 1200 - 2200 mAH 3S lipo battery
  • 4 channel radio

Mark's Prototype Bouncer

See here for more details on the Bouncer

Check out comments from our customers

See Pastor Mark Ferry's Bouncer video

Mark's illuminated Bouncer night flying video

New to 3D? See here for tips getting started

Want an extra tough airplane?

See here for durabliity tips
Mark's new Bouncer prototype

Several years in the making, there is a lot of experience flying and "roughnecking" behind the TufFlight Bouncer design.

Bouncer Artwork courtesy of David Killius

We're happy with the result, and we think you will be as well.

Bouncer Standard Kit:
$99 + S&H

Bouncer "Hot Ticket" Kit
(plane plus accessories below)
$239 + S&H

Bouncer Deluxe Kit
(plane plus accessories below)
$259 + S&H

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