4D Lite Features in new V3 Kits

Great looks, Superior Performance and Durability

The new 4D Lite V 3 combines the best features you won't find in any ARF kit.

Mark showing the 1000 mile stare

Mark proudly shows his new 4D Lite and Thousand Mile 'Pro Bro' Stare after a winter front yard 3D session.

The CNC cut wing is hollow

The 4D Lite is so agile because its wing is "hollow" CNC cut which saves a lot of weight, yet still allows a durable design.

Note the EPP "live hinge" already cut into the EPP wing. No hinges to install!

radical elevator travel for great 3D

Full Flying Elevator and Rudder pivot to give the control authoriity needed for radical tricks, and easier learning of the challenging 3D realm.

The new tail design is much stiffer than previous kit versions, and allows a very broad speed range -- full throttle AND slow 3D.

radical rudder travel for great 3D

If you like the way these flames look, you can easily duplicate them with the included simple airbrushing template patterns.

New diamond cross sectional fuselage

Version 3 sports a "diamond" cross section fuselage which not only looks great, but it also performs well aerodynamically.

easily removable cowl

The new lightweight cowl is easily assembled from supplied pre-cut parts. It fits snugly over the wing and motor assembly and offers all important side area for superior knife edge maneuvers.

Made from EPP, it absorbs front end impacts, yet easily removes to expose the motor mount for quick field repairs.

full streamlined diamond fuselage

quick change 'hatch' for battery

The bottom cowl section swings away for battery changes.

Both the battery and ESC are exposed for cooling.

All push rods and wires route along this bottom center section so the top of your plane remains looking good.

The sacrificial stick motor mount

You can easily mount any motor that accepts a 3/8" square balsa "stick mount" as shown.

In hard nose down crashes, this stick breaks instead of bending or breaking your motor parts.

The wood stick is drilled down the center to receive the fuselage "boom" and has a slot which fits around the exposed "torque pin" as shown. It is clamped to the fuselage boom with a wire tie. These are easy items to replace in the field.

The sacrificial stick motor mount

Version 3 represents a big improvement over previous kits in all respects. Build time is greatly reduced due to many CNC cut and machined parts which allow "self jigging" of all critical angles.

Shown here is the rudder axle installed into holes pre-drilled in the fuselage "boom". The elevator axle installs similarly.

This design philosophy is very similar to our popular glo powered 4D, but adapted for miniature parts.

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