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New V 3

Full Fuselage!

  • Simplified construction
  • No hinging!
  • Broad speed range -- Fast AND Slow
  • Same durable quality
  • Wingspan: 32"
  • Length: 31"
  • Flying Weight: 9.5 - 10 oz. (with 730 mAH Lipo battery)
  • Motor: GWS EPS 350 D or
    Himax 2808 Outrunner
  • Radio: 4 channels
  • Servos: 3
  • Wing Area: 286 sq in

4D-Lite Basic kit:

  • durable lightweight EPP CNC hollow cut wing
  • quality carbon fuselage frame
  • complete Dubro micro push rod hardware
  • DuBro mini lite wheels
  • sacrificial 3/8" balsa break away motor mounts (easily repaired/replaced)
  • 50 page instruction manual (EVERY step illustrated with "check this box" ease of construction)

    Click to download instruction manual pdf
Added items in Deluxe kit

  • GWS EPS 350-D Motor
  • motor heat sink
  • Blue Bird SDC-10AN ESC
  • (3) Blue Bird 306 6g Servos
  • (2) APC 11x3.8 Slo Flyer Props
  • durable prop mount hardware
Added items in Deluxe Brushless Outrunner Motor kit

  • Himax 2808 - 1160 Brushless Outrunner with prop saver, bullet connectors and motor mounts
  • Castle Creations Phoenix 10 ESC
  • (3) Blue Bird 306 6g Servos
  • (2) APC 10 x 3.8 Slo Flyer Props
  • JST female plug for ESC/Battery connection

Items needed to complete:


  • micro 4 Ch RX
  • 700 - 800 mAH 2 or 3 cell Lipo battery capable of 7-13Amp draw

    See our accessories page for lipo compatible charger)

  • medium CA (foam safe)
  • scotch and masking tapes

Hover at half throttle with either the GWS 350 or Himax motor combo. Perform super tight waterfalls, falling leaves, stunning walls, flat spins (falling OR rising) , harriers, elevators, rollers, excellent zero coupling knife edge and of course -- CRASH, then fly moments later!

Reasons to go Brushless Outrunner
(Himax 2808 Series):

While the economical GWS 350 brushed combo is nearly equal in power and performance to the brushless option, we prefer the Himax Outrunners for these reasons:

  1. Less weight: about 1 oz
  2. Quiet! No gear noise.
  3. More durable -- no gearbox to break
  4. Prop Saver when used with our sacrificial motor mount means NEVER bend a motor shaft again! Easy to set up and maintain.
  5. Compact motor mount yields best center of mass
    -- for the tightest loops and waterfalls you've ever seen!

Either motor combination will speed your learning the fun and challenging 3D realm.

If you're new to R/C and 3D flying, then you may want a 2 cell lipo for a more docile plane. It's still possible to hover at half throttle on 2 cells and the Himax 2808-1160 brushless combo.

With 3 cells, you get more exciting thrust. With an APC 10 x 3.8, throttle management is absolutely necessary, and performance will please any die-hard 3D fananatic. You've got over 20 oz of thrust with total flying weight of 9.5 oz and blistering control for any move you dream up.

We fly in a very small gymnasium in the winter months, and we KNOW you NEED to have a lightly loaded plane to make the most of tight spaces. You can fly slow circles if you like, but the 4D-Lite is engineered for much more! This plane can turn within it's span if you set up your control throws as we recommend.

With practice, you can perform an entire 3D airshow in your front yard!

Hints for learning to fly 3D

This one was worth waiting for -- All the 3D aerobatics you want, in a revolutionary indoor/outdoor lightweight, durable and highly powered stunt machine. The 4D-Lite flys precision aerobatics like popular profile foamie planes, but unlike fragile depron or foamboard designs, the 4D-Lite ignores repeated impacts that dent wingtips, bend motor shafts, rip out motor mounts or "remove" landing gear. Sound familiar?

3D Aerobatics PLUS Durability = 4D
Durability saves you TIME -- That's the 4th dimension.

TufFlight has been proving this concept for years with our glo-fuel powered designs, and now we're happy to bring this high standard to the 3D electric flyer. Like its glo fuel powered namesake, the 4D-Lite will take you all the way, in places you've never ventured before!

The 4D-Lite offers many unique features:

  1. High Performance

    • Versatile flight characteristics among THE BEST of the lightweight 3D aerobats with durability that shines far beyond the others.
    • Lightweight durable airframe : In most cases, several OUNCES LESS than other "3D" planes of this size. An ounce may not sound like much, but it's HUGE when we're talking about 9.5 oz total flying weight!
    • EPP wing, front cowl and tail feathers. Expanded Polypropelene (EPP) is the undisputed king of durability. TufFlight has pioneered EPP design for over half a decade, and we're proud to continue this leading edge of innovation.
    • Full-flying tail feathers for superior 3D control. Nothing does walls and waterfalls as quick as the 4D Lite! Need to turn quickly to avoid that mailbox-- no problem! The 4D boasts supreme control authority and unsurpassed agility, able to pivot around it's own wing axis.
    • Quality carbon and hardware: saves trips to the hobby shop.
    • Brushless or brushed motor deluxe Kit options -- supply only your RX. We've done the research to insure you get a 3D capable AND durable power system within your price range. As you know, with electrics, it is critical to get the right motor / battery and prop combination for a given performance level.

  2. Convenient

    • Small Space fun machine-- Fly from your driveway. Take it with you to work and fly at lunchtime. Leave this plane in a hot car without fear of breakage or warpage that plague other foamie designs.
    • Maximize your fun and minimize repairs.
    • Less than One day build time Entire plane can be built with medium CA and kicker (odorless or combination of odorless and standard CA). Full flying tail parts and EPP wing skin aileron hinges mean no time consuming hinging!. Many CNC machined parts for simplified construction. An excellent investment for a fun plane that lasts this long. No "ARF" on the market can match this level of capability in all aspects.
    • Universal "stick type" motor mount: Accepts inexpensive GWS motors and others capable of using a 3/8" sq balsa mount. Engineered to save your motor and plane in hard nose down crashes --a TufFlight trademark.
    • Accessories Available and deluxe options and to get you flying quickly.

  3. Great Looking

    • Full Fuselage: Have your cake and eat it too. Diamond cross section fuselage looks great and offers an excellent combination of the great flying qualities of a profile fuse, with "fatty" features that hide push rods, wires, etc. Knife edge and pecision flying now better than ever, and higher speeds outdoors now possible by virtue of the new stiffer tail design.
    • Decorate as YOU like: EPP foam is impervious to all known solvents. You may use a wide variety of paints.

To learn 3D, you must practice. There isn't any getting around that. You need to enjoy your plane so you WANT to fly it, and aren't apprehensive about crashing so you can push the limits that help bring YOU to the next level. With the 4D-Lite, you get excellent 3D AND precision flying PLUS care free durability-- unlike other designs that flex too much for precision flying, or need more glue after every little bump.

We want you to have fun and keep flying, no matter what. That's our motto.

See Here for Videos!

Customer feedback for the 4D Lite

Dave Harbula's build/review of the 4D Lite

Easy flames without airbrushing - Scott Baker's solution

See here for further details on the 4D Lite

We give you the perfect 3D machine. The rest is up to you.

4D-Lite Standard Kit: $89 + S&H
4D-Lite with GWS-350D combo : $148 + S&H
4D-Lite with Himax 2808-1160 combo:
$225 + S&H

Brought to you by the guys who know how to make tough planes that fly well -- TufFlight!

Copyright 2005 TufFlight