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  • Wingspan: 48"
  • Length: 38"
  • Weight: 4.5 - 5 lbs
  • Engine: .40 - .53 two stroke,
    .63-.82 four stroke
  • Radio: 4 channels
  • Servos: 5
    (no mixing needed!)
  • Wing Area: 720 sq in
  • Side Area: nominal 200 sq in

4D Basic kit:

  • durable EPP wing cores
  • durable plastic machined fuselage
  • wing/engine mount internal bracing
  • corplast full flying rudder, elevator, ailerons and fuselage fins
  • pre-shaped 3/16" heavy duty landing gear
  • durable break away engine mount
  • 44 page instruction manual (EVERY step illustrated with "check this box" ease of construction)

Download PDF instruction manual

Added items in Deluxe kits:

  • 4-40 engine mounting hardware
  • 3" diameter lite wheels
  • Dubro wheel collars
  • 8 oz. Hayes fuel tank
  • DuBro fuel tubing
  • DuBro control horns
  • Sullivan push rod tubes and hardware
  • pull-pull hardware
  • roll of hinge tape
  • canopy graphics
  • Sullivan clevises
Deluxe kit 2 stroke option:
  • 2 Master Airscrew 11 x 4 props
  • Fox lightweight spinner nut
Deluxe kit 4 stroke options:
Your choice of prop:
  • 2 Master Airscrew 13x5 K series props (best for YS .63)
  • 2 Master Airscrew 13x6 Scimitar props (great for Saito .72/.82)

Items needed to complete:


  • engine
  • 600 mAH battery
  • 5 servos :
    (2 ailerons, throttle, rudder, elevator)
    standard servos are fine. Metal gears on THROTTLE best for hard nose down crashes.
  • 1 or 2 rolls UltraCote covering
  • 3M-77 Spray adhesive
  • epoxy, CA
  • Goop brand adhesive ( household, plumber's, auto, marine varieties all OK)
  • Elmers Ultimate Polyurethane glue (formerly called "Pro Bond")
  • masking tape

The TufFlight 4D is the ultimate 3D plane. It does all the 3D moves, PLUS IT's DURABLE! No worries in learning to fly like the big boys.

4D = 3D + Durability
Durability saves you TIME

It's simple and it's the truth.

What is 3D?

Performing 3D aerobatics is flying beyond the stall of the wing using thrust vectoring and the power of your motor to hold the plane in the air, NOT the wing.

Strange things happen when a plane enters the "post stall regime", or 3D realm. An aft CG actually makes the plane easier to control! You find yourself flying your plane so it acts like a helicopter. You see how slow and low you can fly instead of how fast or high. Practice becomes really FUN, and you amaze yourself and friends by doing "impossible" things using very little altitude and airspace. Your left thumb becomes more important than you had imagined possible in the days when you formerly flew only circles, loops and rolls.

Joe and Mark have been practiceing 3D moves on their RealFlight sims and designed a 3D plane that stands up to repeated "dirt naps" typical in learning to fly 3D low and close. The result is spectacular, and helps speed learning of harriers, waterfalls, and the signature holy grail of all 3D moves - the hovering torque roll. You gotta know how to use the rudder to get there, and this plane will take you all the way.

We searched for a name to mimic the "space bar" on your computer for instantly restarting the flight sim after a crash, because this plane does pretty much the same thing -- it saves you TIME, so you don't need to pick up the pieces and go home after a mistake. So we thought of "4D" - 3D plus and extra "D" for Durability to let you Master Space AND TIME !

Never before has the world seen this degree of performance and crashability in a full house 40 size knock your socks off 3D performance package.

If you're a profile fun fly airplane fan, but get a bit nervous about flying your balsa ship too low and crazy, then this is the plane for you. At 4.5 lbs with a Saito 72 and APC 14 x 4W, it's simply incredible and gives you immediate recovery capability from all flight attitudes. A TufFlight 4D with an OS 46 FX and Tower tuned muffler spinning a Master Airscrew 11x4, is the perfect combination for learning 3D down low where you can see what you're doing and progress the fastest.

The 4D employs the trademark TufFlight break away engine mount and durable shock absorbing EPP wing. These protect the radio compoments and allow easy field service of all typical 3D practice crashes.

New innovations for this plane are durable plastic fuselage and FULL FLYING stabilizers. Both "rudder" and "elevator" move as a single piece and don't need hingeing! Plus, our innovative pull pull aileron design gives very durable, slop-free and serviceable hinges. They install easily and survive countless cartwheels, botched harrier landings and engine failures which tend to drop the plane on the tail and aileron tips.

All parts feature flexible or sacrificial crash-forgiving mountings, and easily remove for service. As a bonus, the fuselage tail assembly, dorsal and pectoral fins and landing gear remove in minutes for easy storage or travel.

Use Radical or mild throws as you like, but for full 3D, you need 45+ degrees on both rudder and elevator. More can be better, and this plane will help you experiment to test the limits.

We give you the perfect 3D machine. The rest is up to you.

4D Standard Kit: $99 + S&H
4D Deluxe Kit for 2 stroke engines:

$136 + S&H

(suitable for all .46 - .53 two stroke engines)
4D Deluxe Kit
with 13x6 Scimitar props
$136 + S&H

(suitable for Saito .72/.82)
4D Deluxe Kit
with 13x5 props

$136 + S&H

(suitable for YS .63)
4D Servo Pack: $99
  • 4 Hitec HS 485 HB Karbonite servos
  • 1 Hitec HS 85 MG throttle servo

Is the 4D too good to be true?

Customer feedback for the 4D

For answers to questions on the 4D, please look here

Doug Draper's handy Wing Thing for the Stanley portable workbench (PDF plans)

Look Here to see 4D videos.

4D Demo
3.2 MB
4D with skis
3.4 MB
More w/Skis!
16 MB
Funny crashes on skis
6 MB
Joe's 4D antics with Tailcam
20 MB
Proof 4D crashing
is fearless and fun!

14.8 MB
Steve S. flying his 4D
13 MB
Tail Mod "research"
for FAST flying AND 3D
8 MB

Copyright 1999 TufFlight